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Academy 1/24 Ford Capri RS3100 (Motorized)

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Well as a classic car enthusiast, I've grown up in a household very dedicated to Classic Ford's (I'm different however, building a Classic Mini :bleh:) My Step Dad has 2 Mk1 Capri's...



He has had this model sat in a wardrobe for many years (dated 1987!) and handed it to me last night to build for him to go on his desk at work :)


I've tried doing a bit of reading up on it, but am unable to find much information about the model :( If anyone has any info that would be brilliant! :)

It has an Optional Electric motor which powers the rear wheels, but I do not know if I will use it, as it will only be a static display!

Will update this when I progress with the build!

Thanks :thumbsup:


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