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Hi there

I wanted to try something a little different with the photos I took at Fairford. While on holiday, I started to have a play around with Windows Moviemaker and used it to create an animated slideshow of my favourite pictures.

The finished film - complete with AC/DC soundtrack (switch on your PC speakers!) - can be viewed on YouTube. Click on the link below:

Or search on YouTube for RIAT 2012 rocks to AC/DC.

All aerial shots were taken with a Nikon F4 300mm lens. For the first time I managed to get some crossover shots of the Breitling display team and the Red Arrows.


Richard C

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I am glad you like it. I just did it as an experiment - I was selecting some of my RIAT pictures to show my local model club and saw a 'Make Movie' feature in Windows 7 and thought what happens if I press this and then select this?



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ACDC RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT not with those "sissy" little airplanes from Breitling and Korea man!!!!!

In order to "hear" ACDC you need a REAL airplane like the Phantom !!! Feel the earth shaking and from the aircraft's shock wave the women skirts... well, you know what I want to say.

Great video Richard.



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