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PV-1, Ventura, Empire Express

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Here`s my Revell 1/48 Ventura that I only recently completed
Built mostly from the box with only Loon Models propellors and scratch built D/F loop under the nose
Easy build except fot the bomb doors which I found a bit fiddley
photographed with white sheet phoney snow, hope you enjoy looking at

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I love the paintwork, the best representation of the US Navy tri colour scheme on a Ventura that I`ve seen yet!

I`ve built a few of these myself (three,..but in British Commonwealth markings!) and I agree with you that the only fiddly bit is the bomb bay but that it is a fantastic kit. For those who have not built one,...why not,...just be careful with the cockpit as I`m sure that the cockpit bulkhead is wrong and some had co pilots seats and others didn`t, depending on whether they had received the US Navy modification kit.

Well done on a lovely model,


Tony O

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Thanks very much everyone for your kind comments and for looking, to be honest you can`t see too much of the bulkhead .

I`m looking foward to the glass nose issue, hope it`s not too long coming, probably do it as another Aleutian Bird

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