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Hello Everyone

Im used to seeing the Eastern Airways Saab 2000 fly into Norwich Airport, i have always wanted to build a model of this but have been unable to find a kit. I had forgotten about finding a kit for a while until i noticed a photo of a saab 2000 in British Airways livery, they have leased one of Eastern, i am a huge sucker for anything BA. As a result i have found the urge o find one again, so does any one know of a saab 2000 kit on the market, resin, vac or injection?

Thanks Bradley

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I don't think there is such a beast. I think you'd need to chop up a couple of Welsh Saab 340s. The problem with that plan is that the Welsh website shows that both versions of the kit are sold out so unless you find one is a shop somewhere your best bet would be to hunt the vendors' tables at contests, flea markets and swap meets.

I have much the same luck. I generally get interested in doing a model of (insert any aircraft you care to name here) right after the only kit of it has disappeared from the face of the Earth.

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