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This is Dragon's version of the Elephant.

I added Cavalier Model Production's resin Zimmerit, wich is a joy to use!

I also added an etched set to replace the mud guards. The Elephant's mud guards has the non slip texture extending to the edges

of the guards and this is not usualy featured on the kit parts.

I painted the model with Tamiya acrylics and weathered it with Mig pigments.

The figure is made up from parts from the spares box.









Thanks for looking.

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Looks great to me. :goodjob:

Just one question though, assuming you used Tamiya's dark yellow, the vehicle looks very heavy on the rust orange. Maybe it is just my comp or is it something you did? Whenever I used XF-60 it always had a green tinge to it, while here it looks in the red spectrum.



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Very nice....must be one of the 48 of the remaining 50 after the Battle of Kursk that were modified by the addition of a ball-mounted MG 34.

Were the pre-mg mounted ones called the Ferdinand?

Stunning build with a good amount of grubby worn weathering.

Well done.


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Beautiful work.



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  • 2 months later...

Great work there Peter mate.

Most upgraded with hull MG were sent to Italy, so they tell me.

But a very nice figure to boot, nice bit of scratching in the spares box. :goodjob:

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