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L-39C Albatross "Patrouille Breitling"

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Here is my sixth and most definitely final (I promise) entry for the GB.

It was a hard decision between this and my newly-delivered Airfix Jubillee Tucano. However, as this build will be my first to be painted by airbrush, I opted for the easier paint job!

I picked up this kit and aftermarket decals from Hobbyshop.cz for the princely sum of £15.18 including airmail. I had never used them before and was very impressed.

I was motivated by seeing the Team at RIAT. I understand that they replaced the Saudi Hawks at the last minute when that team withdrew due to pilot illness. I had seen the Breitling Jet Team before, but was particularly impressed with their display this time.

Here is a quote from http://www.breitling...om/accueil.html

"The Breitling Jet Team is made up of seven L-39 C Albatros aircraft, Czech-made twin-seater military training jets that can also be used for passenger flights. The L-39 C Albatros represents an excellent compromise between performance, aesthetics, reliability and operating costs. This extremely powerful jet was widely used in all former Soviet bloc countries, where large numbers are still around now. The Breitling Jet Team planes were acquired in exceptional technical condition. An eighth plane is used for photo flights as well as passenger flights (with press representatives, Breitling guests, etc.). It also serves to replace the other planes during technical maintenance operations."

Here are some of my pictures:






Unforunately, the Kopro decals don't reflect the latest, very smart livery, but the blue and yellow should be very eye-catching in 1/72.

The Weekend kit looks very simple with few parts, but the detail looks exceptional. It will be a shame not to use the USAF decals, as they look excellent.

Here is the starting point:







The starting point will be dipping the clear parts in Klear and setting aside, followed by commencing the cockpit. The family is away this weekend, and I am minding the mutt. I should be able to finish it by the end of the GB next Sunday!

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excllent.what are the decals like as i have this kit in the mail [along with my spitfire tr9 conversion set] as i type this and was thinking of doing the same if i could get some decals and now that i can see that someone is making them in going to do it but just curious if i should get a few decal sheets as spares just incase i need them,thanks

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Hello AD,

You can get the decal sheet for the scheme carried on your piccy's from Hobbyshop.cz! - Kopro also do them - Sheet KOP93300 the 2010 scheme, It's on page 5 of the online catalogue . Just in case you really want to do the up-to-date one.

However the one you have there comes out as a very nice eyecatching scheme, I have seen it done. (see below) - Good luck.

Tony R.

Taken at the IPMS scottish exhibition last year.


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My first quick update... I have sprayed my first cockpit with an airbrush! I think that I am already converted!

The cockpit decals from the kit are very nice and I just need to do a little detail painting before closing her up. The seats go in after the fuselage is glued.

Sorry about the picture quality, but there was a thunderstorm overhead at the time!



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The L-39 makes up to a super little subject - I've got a few put aside earmarked for the (black) Breigtlings - Biele Albatrosy - Team Russ & the Baltic Bees and there are still more teams using them - I may well have to raid the old piggybank myself yet!! :doh:

Tony R

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And me!! - Plus I must say that the Eduard kits look much better detail wise, than the old KP ones that I have, some of which are pretty shocking! - Though the price you pay probably has something to do with it (£8 - £12 as opposed to £5 - £8)

Waiting with anticipation (and fingers crossed!) to see how your first Airbrush finish turns out though, good luck. :thumbsup2:

Tony R

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Thanks for the positive vibes, Cliff and Tony! I have applied two coats of Alclad Primer and am quite happy with the result. However, the cup does seem to empty very quickly, but that is probably dues to my technique!

I'll take some pictures in the morning and must force myself not to rush the top coat!!

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Here is my Albatross after a couple of coats of Alclad primer, followed by a rub-down with a fine Micro Mesh stick. Although it might not look like it, she is as smooth as the proverbial baby's backside now!

Sorry for the "noisy" pictures, but I am so keen, I took them before there was really enough light!

I am now bracing myself to apply my first "proper" air brushed top coat! :bounce:

I have been practicing on a scrap Hawk, but I am still nervous! :frantic:

Fingers crossed, here goes.....



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