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Vosper MTB

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I don't build many maritime models but the Airfix Vosper has all ways been a favourite of mine.

It's basically a very fine model considering how old it is, but there were a few details that could be refined.

I modified the kit's details as follows;

I added the grab rail on the front of the bridge,and I replaced the thick transparency for the bridge with acetate.

I also replaced the main gun's barrels with cut down hypodermic needles and I added an etched ring site to the gun as well.

I replaced the .5 Brownings with more detailed ones and I carved off the molded on boat hooks with ones made from wire.

I used fine fishing line for the rigging and she was painted with Humbrol enamels.











Thanks for looking.

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Now that is a Beautiful rendition of this kit. I have a couple more in my stash and I am going to get one out and try and get near(some hope!)the job you have done. I have made one OOB with no weathering but seeing yours it captures the essence of the hard fight these boats put up in the narrow seas. Excellent job! Can I ask what colours you used for this?

BTW the other kit I am going to try to complete as MTB 1027(P1027) if I can get enough info all I have at the moment is a picture in "The Royal Navy in Focus 1940-49"

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Thanks for the compliments.

Can I ask what colours you used for this?

I used Humbrol enamels to paint the model and followed the ones reccomended in the instructions

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