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Vulcan to Wattisham

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Enroute to Clacton this afternoon, XH558 was booked into Wattisham for a private on base event. The good news with a Vulcan display is that everybody nearby gets to see it as well! As I don't do many of the big shows, I've only seen it a few times since it's been flying again, and all were fairly subdued performances, which was frustrating as I was hearing that at some events it was being flown in a far more lively way. Today was the best I'd personally seen, with a couple of powerful climbouts followed by vertical banked wingovers. I imagine half of Suffolk heard it, which given that there was no publicity for a private event and that many NIMBYs around here expect to exist in a time warp, I guess the phones and emails at Wattisham will be busy for a few days! Fantastic performance in my opinion.

Weather was a bit 'off', so this is the best I got.





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