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IL2 Sturmovik 1/48 Tamiya

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Hello all.

This is my very first post on these forums, mostly using IPMS Norways forum.

Anyways, this is my try on Tamiyas IL2, a very nice kit, and guess ill build more of them in the years to come.

Was supposed to be totaly oob, but had to scratch seat harness, and gunner seatstrap, due to the carpetmonster.

Paint is Vallejo, and the model is toned down with Humbrol matt coat with a drop of white.

Some pics:









Thank you for watching.

Any comments welcome, espescialy constructive and learning ones :)

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Well then, you didn't waste any time getting the flying tank built. But well designed kits help speed the process Very nice work!

I was on the fence about getting one of these, but I may have to if the time and budget are right based on what I see with this one.

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