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Worn Effects Acrylic Fluid - AK Interactive


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Worn Effects Acrylic Fluid

AK Interactive


If you've ever wondered how AFV modellers create those wonderful distressed and chipped paint effects, it started off with people using hairspray to add a water soluble layer between coats of paint. Time moves on however, and frustrated by the lack of control that your typical hairspray nozzle gives, and the smell of most of them, AK came up with this new fluid.

It is odourless, and water soluble, but is applied by airbrush, giving much better control over application and resulting in thinner layers that allow more flexibility in the removal of the top layer of paint. Use is simple:

  • Paint your model with the base colour, and let that cure for a few days
  • Spray 1-3 thin coats of Worn Effects fluid over the painted surface
  • As soon as the surface is dry, airbrush the next coat of acrylic paint
  • Once the top coat is on, use a damp brush to wet the surface and remove small quantities of paint
  • Continue to scratch and scuff the damp paint until you achieve the effect you want


This is a much more pleasing way to achieve the familiar chipped and abraded look of a well-used AFV, mainly because it is real chipping and wear, rather than paint laid over the top to simulate it. Some of the effects that you can achieve are truly stunning, but as always check your references to ensure your finished result is reminiscent of the real thing.

Highly recommended.


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  • 9 years later...

Product does go off and starts to smell! I'm on my wasted 4th bottle and it's doing the same it's stinking of rotten veg! Next time I'm keeping it in the fridge just to see if it keeps it fresh it's no use once starts smelling it causes a reaction with your next paint layer and causes small swelling bulges and like spider Web cracks I'm starting to wonder if it's a food product like glycerin or something I'm sure im not the only one who's opened up a bottle after a couple weeks and it's humming! I've got the lid off and the same with the heavy chipping fluid it's actually stunk the whole room out but it definitely smells organicy I'd love to know what's actually used in these! 

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