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HT's P-38 1/72

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Interior painted ZC. along with other interiror/exposed parts.




The insertion of the radiator grilles is up next which were pre painted a mix of hu171 and hu53.


Booms affixed.


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Added some weight to the nose and pit areas in anticipatio of being a tail sitter, and cemented the two wing halves together.


More work on the booms with wheel wells painted and added oil coolers.


Then moving onto the main parts being assembled.


This is a nice kit with not many vices. Glad I picked up this in the MZ sale a couple of months ago.

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Time for an update.

In this shot ive sirbrushed on some tamiya OD.


She needed couple of coats being acrylic and then left to dry for her U/C to be cemented in place.


The next stage was to implement some D-Day Stripes. First up the masking then the airburshing of tamiya white.


Masking tape removed. Seems nice and neat.


The it was onto the black. Now i tend to use anthracite to add a bit of natural weathering rather than the deepness that night gives. It seems to work well. Props were also painted as were the spinners.


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Well she wasnt finished till this morning but not that far behind.

I am pleased with the results and hopefully will get some belated votes.

Kit: Academy

Scheme: P-38J 'California Cutie' 55th FS/20th FG June 1944.

Scale: 1/72











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Just seen this one, well everything looked great up until the weathering.

You do not say what you have used to weather your model with but it looks like the pigment of whatever you used has separated from the carrier, and left dots of the pigment behind

This could be down to having some sort of contamination on the surface of your model? could you let us know how you did the weathering to your model

If this is just a wash you could go back if you have not sealed the surface and clean of some of the pigment, wiping in the direction of the airflow, this should help to blend everything together

Also I don't know if you have noticed but your main landing gear is on the wrong way round the wheels should look outwards not inwards

Talking to a friend who is just about finished his, this will raise the rear up and get rid of the almost tail sitting look to the model

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The weathering is a promodeller dark dirt wash sprayed on so no contamination whatsoever. I have gone for a dirty look but perhaps a little directional flow would have been less harsh.

Noted on the U/C, I have now switched these around. Many thanks, how did i oversee this :shutup:

EDIT the reason is that i cemented the wheel wells on the wrong boom which led to the the UC pins being in the wrong place. Lesson for nest time.

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