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Lockheed P-38 Lightning 8th AF 1944

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Joining this group build after a spell of many months away from the hobby.

Chosen scale model is Acadamy's 1/48 P-38 in which you can build the various version's ie " Droop Snoop ect ".

Add-ons include

Aires Quick boost Allison engine

True Details P-38 Wheels

True Details Pilot Seat

I've a few chosen schemes running around at the moment, one being 1st Lt Richard Loehert 20th FG 55FS " Californian Cutie " from USAAF Station 367 Kings Cliffe.



It seems as though the choice is limited in 48th for 8th AF P-38 decals.

The kit


The only item i'm using from the True Details cockpit is the pilot seat.


Dzus panels for the engine area cut away and sanded allowing Mr Hobby U.S interior green to be sprayed, also the cockpit pod had a coat aswell


The main cockpit items, even though they are not as nice as a resin pit, the detail is still apparent


The quick boost engine has had a coat of German grey, very close to the dark grey in which Allison sprayed them originally, detail to be added



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Wow quick start! Should build up into a nice kit from memory - don't often see the Allison engine exposed in these builds!

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A small amount of progress....

Mr hobby U.S interior green has been blown in around the carb duct and inlet and outlet for the rad's


The Allison and pilot seat have been painted, final touches and shading to follow


A dry fit of the booms to wing to check how good the joins are, and in-fact they are very clean fit


Dry fit of the motor, score marks from my blade can be seen



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Good to see you back Martyn and a nice choice of kit and markings, a tribute build I should think for you. I have the markings from Kagero for 'California Cutie' and plan to add them to one in the future so it can sit next to my 'Happy Jack's Go Buggy' P-38. Looking forward to seeing this one progress.

Did your P-51 end up on a back burner or did it get finished?


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Many thanks for the interest in the build

Pete, the CC scheme would have been a nice touch, though I have just seen that another guy is doing a 72nd model in those colours, so that choice has been narrowed down somewhat. The Tamiya 51 has been on the backburner, will continue with it soon.

This last week has seen the cockpit painted, then paint-stripped, painted again and paint-stripped again. I'm happy with what i've got now with the limited detail, only the resin IP and control yoke to finish.






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