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1/48 Tamiya P-47D Razorback

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Can I come and join the party and enter my first GB on Britmodeller with this please ???

One of these...


With some of these in addition to the kit decals...


To make one of these...


Obligatory Sprue shots...



I may just add a set of PE seat belts, other than that just the plastic in the box and the Aeromaster decals.

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And we are started...

First off the cockpit, and what a little beauty this is from the get go.

Just clicked together in place it looks good...


Mixing up some home brew green using approx 1 part Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green to 1 part Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black ( I never knew there had been so many discussions about the interior colours of P-47's, this being my first build of one) and some X-18 semi gloss black for the instrument panel gives us this...


And after picking out some details, some drybrushing and a wash or two we have this...



For the engine I decide to paint the cylinders with Mr Metal Color Dark Iron Buffing Metalizer...


Which was buffed to give this effect...


and then further highlighted with some drybrushed XF-16 Flat Aluminium...


Painted the con rods black, bolted the whole lot together, added the the front casting and some ancillary bits hanging off that,

then some more drybrushing and washing give us this...



Next up the instrument panel...I have already found out (the hard way) that it will be necessary to punch each decal out separately and apply it individually ( fortunately I have a spare in the stash which has a P/E instrument panel to go in it that I can steal from...)

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So I took a spare kit instrument panel decal and using the Waldron punch and die I cut out the decals for the individual instruments and placards and applied them... Much better... and then a drop of Klear to seal them in and simulate the glass.


A set of Eduard USAF seat belts adorn the seat, and the seam in the middle of the gunsight has been polished out.


All joined up, not much to say about that as fit is typical Tamiya to say the least. Looking like a Razorback now; flaps just resting in place.




Time for some paint next.

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A bit of time has been spent in the paint shop.

Lifecolor Neutral Grey undersurfaces, Tamiya white and Nato Black for the D-Day stripes. Lifecolor Olive Drab 41 and Tamiya XF-83 Medium Sea Grey for the disruptive upper surface camouflage.

The grey is a matter of conjecture as I know of no colour photo of the colour used; I do have a book with a couple of black and whites and from those and based on other's opinions I have gone with MSG.

Olive Drab 41 on


Adding some Medium Sea Grey, will need to go back and do a few touch ups where I covered some bits which were meant to be Olive Drab



Neutral Grey undersides with D-Day stripes


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After touching up the Olive Drab the engine cowling needs to be painted yellow so the front fuselage and the leading edges of the wings were mased off and Tamiya XF-2 applied as an undercoat for the yellow to follow...


And then Tamiya yellow XF-3 was applied followed by a thin layer of Gunze H329 Gloss Yellow - I find that the easiest way to apply the gloss yellow...


Time for some gloss clear and then the decals...boy I hope the decals for the nose checkers behave themselves...

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Ok, so its a case of a few steps forwards and a couple back!!

A couple of coats of the shiny stuff, in this case Klear, rubbed down with a cotton cloth and the second coat cut with 50% windex just to get it even smoother...


And then on with the nose checkers. Now I do not know if these were made for the Tamiya kit or what, but there was no way I could get to fit properly. This is the closest I could get, not quite all the way to the front of the cowling, nor quite joining underneath, but at least they joined up at the top. I did manage to get them to conform to the contours of the cowling using Mt Softer...



Then on with the stars and bars...


It was after I have placed the underwing ones on that I discovered I had painted the fuselage invasion stripes in the wrong place..too far forward...so here we are with stars n bars under the wings and some light grey overpainting of the invasion stripes...




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Well just as Smiffy said, I didn't let the fuselage stripes get the better of me !!

Here she is with the stripes repainted and the rest of the main decals on with another coat of clear over them.





I have just a couple of touch ups to do where the fuselage insignia and stripes meet, and with have to

go back and over paint some of the white in the insignia too as the colour demarcation between the base

colours underneath the decal shows though...one disadvantage of really thin decals...

Also, given this bird would have been repainted in the field...at least the upper light grey was...would it be best

to leave it withouth the myriad of stencils that Tamiya provide??

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Ok, been a bit distracted with a couple of other builds but have done some more on this...

First up was to mask off and then paint the white in the stars and bars where the underlying camo demarcation line was visible...


and voila...


Then after another coat of clear a custom mix of Flory Models Wash using Dark Dirt, Light Dirt and a splash of mud thrown in...




And after sealing that in with yet another coat of clear a 'polka dot' multi colour oil filter layer has been applied and rubbed in.




Will leave that for a couple of days to dry off completely and then some final staining and the flat coat to seal it all in.

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