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Red tailed Bunnie

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My build for this GB will be the new Airfix 1/72 P-51D. Yep... I know it's only small, but apparently size doesn't matter. ;)

The kit comes with decals for a red tailed Tuskegee Airmen aircraft, presumably to tie in with the film Red Tails, but I'm not going to build the aircraft depicted in the kit.

Instead it will be a P-51D-15-NA, 44-15569 "Bunnie / Miss Kentucky State" flown by Capt. Roscoe C. Brown, Jr of the 100FS, 332 FG based at Ramitelli, Italy in March 1945.

In this aircraft, Lt Brown (as he was at the time) became one of the few Allied fighter pilots to shoot down an Me262 in open combat.

Rather than recount the story here, I will direct you to this page --> Linky which has an interesting article on Brown's exploits.

I'll be using most of the kit decals, with the individual markings coming from the fündekals :) sheet.

I haven't received the decal sheet yet, but I've started the build. I'll put some photos up soon.

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I know it's only small, but apparently size doesn't matter.

I believe you are right. My ex used to say that it was the degree of difficulty that made the difference. Actually she said 'the hardness' but I knew what she meant.

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I said in my first post that I was still waiting for the decal sheet from fündekals:) I got home this afternoon to find it waiting for me. That was my second order from fündekals:) and it was dispatched just as quickly as the first. Good service especially considering it had to find its way to me from the other side of the planet...

Anyway, here is the (empty) kit box and the decal sheet.


And here's what you get in the box. I have shown both sides of each sprue so you can see the detail.





As you can see, there are a number of ejection pin marks, but they aren't in prominent places. There is one in each wheel bay, it it can hardly be seen. It's not worth the work required to fill and sand.

So I've started with the interior sections. In the interests of a quick, fun build, I have abandoned the airbrush for the interior and gone back to the good old hairy stick.


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I have painted up the cockpit, using the kit instrument panel decal. Seatbelts added from Tamiya masking tape and some struts on the side of the seats from stretched sprue.


I have glued the wings together as well. There was an odd issue with the wings. The wingtips and ailerons are moulded as part of the uppersurfaces just like they are on many kits. The Airfix Spitfire XII has a similar setup. With that kit, the wing undersurfaces are slightly too thick, leaving a step between the wingtip and the undersurface. This needs to be sorted by reducing the thickness of the lower wing part before gluing the wing halves together.

The P-51D has the opposite problem. The wing undersurface parts are nice and thin. It's the wingtip which is slightly too thick.

On balance, I would prefer it to be the way the P-51D has them. That - very minor - issue took me thirty seconds per wingrip to sort out! :)

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just picked up my airfix p51 today.

Enjoy! It's a cracking kit! :D

I ordered another three last night. If all goes well - and quickly - with this one, I may well chuck in another. The next one will be Lou IV, so I will have to do some surgery on the fin.

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A bit more work done on this one.

Everything masked off and the whole thing is primed with Alclad2 black primer. I don't have any of the gloss black primer, so this is the black microfiller primer with a gloss coat of Klear over the top.



Here is the model sprayed with Alclad2 Aluminium. Various panels have been masked off and will be sprayed with alclad2 Dark Aluminium, and Alclad2 Steel around the exhausts.



Finally, all masking removed. The wings have been sprayed with Lifecolor LC74 Gloss Silver Metal to represent the silver lacquer finish. The anti-glare panel is Gunze H52 Olive Drab.

Once again, my lack of photography skills are apparent but I'm really rather pleased with the way this has turned out.



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You know how you get bonus tracks with some CDs? Well, you get a bonus build with this thread :fool:

This is another Airfix kit, built as the famous (or infamous depening on your point of view) Lou IV. I have cut down the fin fillet. Everything else has been built exactly the same as Bunnie.




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Finished! :yahoo:





I've also finished Lou IV which I was building in parallel. Don't know if I should put this in the Gallery as I didn't declare it from the start. What do you think?





And both models together, with a quid to show the size. These are not big models!


Edit: This makes nine models completed this year - which is more than the previous two years put together!

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