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B24H Queen of Hearts 786 BS, 466BG

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Ok, I'm entering a B 24H, as it seems to be in short supply in this GB so far! I was going to do a 1/32 Trumpeter P 51B, but the GB seems to be turning into the Mustang STGB Pt II lol!

As to what BG I'm going with remains to be seen, due to some sod getting the last Sky Decals B 24 sheet from Hannants this very morning lol! I see suitable aftermarket decal sheets are few and far between; ok if you want to buy the Zodiac Liberators from Kits World, but anything decent in NMF seems to be a no no.

Progress as and when....

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Right, decal options still undecided...but here's the start.


I built up the flight deck, and taped the larger assemblies together to check for fit. Primer over the flight deck and undercarriage bays as well.


I then started glueing the bulkheads in place and while handling the fuselage sections, I noticed the waist gunner positions were lacking in detail that would be obvious when looking in through the gun windows. So I started adding some rudimentary ribbing using Evergreen strip. Not 100% accurate, but looking a bit busier. Still needs a bit of work, but here's progress



I'm going to add a bit more in the nose, cockpit and rear of the cockpit. We'll see how it looks later. I decided to tape up the nose section, and found the fit to fuselage better by installing the flight deck into the nose, rather than the fuselage.


More as it comes!

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

I've completed the internal structures where I felt they needed doing, and are now all stuck into place (apart from one I knocked off before taking the photos) and coated in Tamiya fine primer.


Flushed with something going right during one of my builds, and fuelled by stupidity, I turned my attention to the cockpit. I added a few lumps and bumps to the centre console, made a throttle quadrant with levers out of slivers of plasticard, and then made a new instrument panel. As before, not 100% accurate, but will hopefully look ok under a lick of paint. Then to be lost forever when the fuselage is buttoned up lol! Time for a lie down. My eyes ache :)



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My apologies Don. There's still time for you to escape the clutches of 1/72! :)

Not much more done, apart from wings assembled, fuselage interior painted, and cockpit done


Next tasks are engines, props, and undercarriage. Then the glazing - a job I hate in this scale lol!

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Not much more to report apart from I'm doing one of the options from Xtradecal sheet XO25-72, finished in OD/NG. Photos to follow, hopefully, as the OH took the camera to Spain and broke the thing (or so it seems).

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At last some progress, as the camera has somehow started working, but with a few functions missing. Bit like some people I know.

Nose section grafted onto the fuselage. It went on better than expected with a little filler and sanding required.


Fuselage all buttoned up


I then added the splinter plates as fitted to 'Queen of Hearts' using 5 thou plastic card cemented into place and sanded back.


Paint time! I used my old Aeromaster acrylics as the Tamiya OD/Neutral Grey are way off, with the OD being too dark.


Couldn't resist checking the fit of the wings. They are a good positive push fit, but I took them back out for ease of decalling and weathering.


And so to the decals...not finished, but getting there.



More as it comes - thanks for looking!

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