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Hawker Typhoon IB Hasegawa 1/48

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"Anyway compliance of model with the original is my weakest point".

Arkady i dont see any problem wiht that, i think sometimes we try to go way to far replicating to the T on the models. Personally, it takes the fun out of it, i rather allow myself some "creative or artistic" licenses , are we mere cookie cutters ? were is our creativity going?

I have nothing against the superior art and skills to take to create those masterpieces that we see online or magazines but for me i dont want to turn fun into a chore.

Beautiful job Arkady

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Also i fear you have the Q in the codes the wrong way round , the small line in the bottom of the letter should be pointing right not left.

Maybe not. There are a number of quite well documented Spitfires with the Q pointing the wrong way.

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Amazing working! Quite dazzling to the eyes.

Along with kudos to your modeling and photography skills, should any praise be directed to photoshop - very crisp photos. :thumbsup2:



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Nothing short of a MASTERPIECE! Without doubt it's one of the best models I've ever seen! Right up there alongside that 'Dirty Harry' Harrier I saw on here not so long ago.

It really is awesome! Properly fu*king awesome! I hope you win awards for this beautiful model, the very best awards there are to have. I hope sweet innocent, naked and pure 21 year old virgins throw themselves down at your feet and worship your god like modeling skills before..........

LOL it's bloody fantastic! Really made my day!

Edited by Dan.
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