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1/48 Revell B-26B Marauder +++FINISHED+++

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O, don't forget to put loads of lead in there. It's a notorios tail sitter.

Hi Arnold - she has about 80g of fishing sinkers in the navigators compartment - I hope that's enough - the finger balance test seems to show it is!

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Evening all

Time to start trying to knock the nacelles into shape. This is what faced me when I fitted the caps on the rear of the nacelles - a very approximate fit to say the least! This is well documented by most who have built this kit so it was not a great surprise.


Plastic rod of various diameters were cut up and inserted and glued with thin liquid cement to build up a base. Thick CA was then poured into the joint and the excess wiped away ready to sand.

You can also see that the biggest of the gaps between the wing and the nacelle was also filled with strip/rod, flush with the wing to give a nice tidy joint. The other joints were treated with Mr Surfacer 500.




The seams now need to be dealt with and these will be tackled over the weekend. After Arniec's reminder on weights I just thought I would do the finger test again and this time it was a bit marginal (probably because I did it without the tailplane on last time :banghead: so I CA'd some more sinkers inside the cowlings.


Big deep breath. I knew I had to tackle the vac canopies at some point so decided to take the plunge tonight. The Revell/Monogram cockpit and nose transparencies are so thic that they almost distort the view of the inside, hence the decision to go vac.

I hate doing these because it's so stressful - one slip and its ruined. Both pieces were roughly cut from the backing sheet and Blu-Tac support inserted and a lot of small cuts with a brand new scalpel blade was the order of the day.


After a half hour of sweat (really) and no end of cursing I got the cockpit in some form of rough order


Even worse was the nose cone, because it's edges are round - however another 20 mins and the last of the backing came away and here she is tacked in place


Even in the rough pre-sanding stage they are a huge improvement on the kit. Plenty to do - I'm off on holiday on Tuesday, so this will not be likely finished soon, Thanks for looking

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Nice work Andy

Thanks Mish - well here is my last update before jetting off on holiday until 17th August!

I packed out those ill fitting caps to the rear of the nacelles and ended up puttying and sanding THREE times - here's the final layer gone on...


Cut discs from slivers of plastic rod and some small round sprue for the smaller light on the right...


The light cavities and lights were sprayed Flat Black and the light brush-painted Mithril Silver. After some remedial sanding, the glazed covers eventually gave a snug fitting


After much delicate sanding the vac canopies were dipped in Klear and laid on kitchen towel to fry under a plastic fruit contained to keep the dust off. May have been wasted as I checked the cockpit glazing and it needs another millimetre off the bottom edge to fit perfectly with the roof


After more (!) sanding I got the nacelles to a point where I was happy to glue the engines and cowls to them. The cowls also needed a lot of sanding.


The addition of the extra weights into the cowl pieces looks to have removed any 'marginal' balance problems


Thanks for looking - next post some time late August!

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Great progress. I will looking forward that it´s finished.

Thanks Arnold - it's been bit wearing with all the sanding - glad there's a vacation break in the middle of the build!

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Hi all

the holiday is over and I've done very little since getting back on Sunday, but I thought I'd start on the Marauder again. After much sanding, I've got the nacelles and wings where I want them. I masked the landing light covers and stuck the wings on. They are heavy (because of the weight I put in the nacelles, so I did them one at a time.


Predictably, the fit isn't great but I knew I'd have to put packing pieces in - this first exercise was to make sure the dihedral is right.

I then masked the nose cone and canopy using Eduard's masks. A simple job. However there was still some fettling to do with the vac-form bits to make sure they fit. I will need a small amount of filler on the main canopy. I need to fit the pilot's p/e gun sight yet and also fit the mobile .50 cal in the nose cone.


Lastly I masked off the wheel centres which had been painted Aluminium and sprayed NATO Black on them for the tyres.

Once I have eliminated the seams at the wing fuselage and fitted the vac transparencies, then she will be ready for primer. Hopefully over the weekend!

Thanks for looking

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Hi all - a quick update - I've been so busy at work this week, I've done virtually no modelling

Managed to get all the transparencies fitted and masked and then sprayed with Interior Green before priming


Primer sprayed and then fiddly seams fixed. Cockpit canopy needed a little filler as did the underside of the nose. That was done, sanded and re-primed


Sadly the starboard blister window fell out. I managed to extract it from inside and started trimming it so I can install it after painting - then it shot off the bench and was swallowed up by the carpet! :banghead:

A hand-and-knees job coming up...

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thats looking very nice.

thats a good idea to use fish weights.

I've always used fish weights, but another modeller has a method I hadn't considered -- lead bird shot held in place with clay. Just a thought

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Thanks Buttoncup, Paul, Mike and Jim!

My local angling shop gets a lot of my business! The fit has been a challenge but the web warned me it would be so. The canopy fit was my fault with lazy fixing...I hope to mask up for the OD in the next day or so

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Thanks Mish and Arnold for your comments. Some progress at last!

Finally finished sanding and blending and the sprayed Xtracrylix Neutral Grey to the underside. A random second coat was then applied lightened with white. I pre-shaded both upper and lower surfaces.


The followed a monumental masking session ready for the OD uppers. I was going to use Blu-Tac sausages but my photos suggest a hard-ish line between the Grey and the OD, so I went with suitable cut Tamiya tape.



I then airbrushed Xtracrylix ANA613 OD onto the upper surface in 2 thin coats followed by a third lightened with light grey to try and highlight both panels and to represent a little chalking of the finish in the weather. It came out OK - not really shown in the pics because of the lighting




Now on to the best bit...weathering! :yahoo: Thanks for looking

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Looking very nice. The O/D appears to have that nice brownish tinge to it. I quite like that. B)

Have fun with your weathering. Some say, that's the best bit (me included). :)

Cheers Paul. I'm looking forward to it - busy weekend coming up with other stuff but have the sponges and washes ready for next week

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Hi all

A quick update on this one...I've been weathering her as follows. Alclad Gloss Kote to start.

She was pre-shaded anyway and I then took a piece of sponge and some Mithril Silver and dabbed that on the leading edges and around those areas that would have had some general wear and tear (re-fuelling caps and cowls. Once satisfied with that I started applying chalk pastels.

Black to tone down the silver and add worn patches and then umber, brown and yellow as a filter to the wings and tailplanes. Tamiya Smoke was then sprayed as exhaust staining under the nacelles and a small amount again sprayed as a filter to the lower and upper surfaces. A Flory wash was then applied and wiped away on the control surfaces and bomb doors.

Here she at present with a second gloss coat about to go on and then I will start decals - there aren't many. Thanks for looking



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