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Revell 1/72nd A400M

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Here is Revell's Airbus A400M 'Grizzly' in her roll-out colours. The A400M destined for the RAF and other European airforces.









A straight-forward out of the box build of what is a lovely kit from Revell...


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agree wonderful job well done. l want to do one in RAF colours but l guess l will have to wait to see what it looks like when they get them

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Super work, just about to start mine in 1/144, what grey did you use for the main fuselage

It was Halfords 'industrial grey' if my memory serves me correctly from their enamel range.


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A great looking model of a great looking aircraft. I love the A400M. I know it's called the Atlas, but I think the former name of Grizzly is far more apt. I think the excellent photographs you've taken prove that. Well done, a really nice model.

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