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Daimler Dingo mk1a

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Dear Fellow Modellers

This is the Miniart kit with markings from Archer and Bison to represent a liaison vehicle of the HQ squadron in 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry, 20th Armoured Brigade, 6th Armoured Division as they trained in the UK in 1941. Typically, each squadron commander would have his own Dingo to whisk him off to HQ for orders. The Dingo might also tail him in action and switch him to a new tank if his own was knocked out (assuming he survived). The Dingo was also a useful reconnaissance vehicle when fitted with a radio. The Mk1a had steering on both front and rear wheels. The Dingo was powered by a 2.5 L Daimler 6 cylinder petrol engine of 55 HP.





Hope you like it?


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Very nice. I really like the subtle weathering. My late father drove these in the Household Cavalry in the early 50's. I was also lucky enough to drive one at a MV show a few years ago. I have all the MiniArt kits but haven't plucked up the courage to build any of them yet. Was it a complicated build?

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Awesome little Dingo!

I built the very old Tamiya one years ago, but I think, after looking at this stunning model,

I will have a go at this newer one.

The figure is fantastic too :speak_cool:

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Great work! Like the figure too,,,, most impressive.



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