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Dave C.

Kh-20 (AS-3) Kangaroo Cruise Missile Colors

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I have the A-model Kh-20 (X-20M,AS-3) Kangaroo kit. The painting colors for the exterior are very confusing. Were the missiles painted overall green like the wheel hubs on Soviet A/C or natural aluminum? It also instructs you to paint the intake cone in green. If the missile is overall natural metal, should this intake cone be painted green?

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I photographed this Kh-20 at Ryazan in 2005.......



..... and this one at Engels in 2007.....


Both are non-operational in museums, but it looks like they have not been touched since being 'retired'.


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Hi Dave,

I built one of these a while back...great kit and quite a size ! As Ken photos point out they were left natural metal overall with a 'Russian green' nose cone. I went with the red covers as I liked the contrast.

Hope this helps,




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Super coolio....can you tell us something about them?



According to Yefim Gordon's "Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons since WWII".....

The Kh-20 is derived from the airframe of the unsuccessful Mikoyan I-7 interceptor. It was powered by the Lyul'ka AL-7F-13 short-life axial-flow turbojet featuring a fixed-area supersonic Lavat nozzle - the later Kh-20M has an AL-7FK engine with a subsonic fixed-area converging nozzle.

The missile is carried (by the Tu-95K) on a BD-206 hydraulically actuated centreline pylon and is semi-recessed in the fuselage.

More details on Wiki

The B&W photos in the above book show the missile in what appears to be a pale grey colour overall with a darker radome - the colour photos at the back show the same missile I photographed at Ryazan - but it appears to have had a lick of paint applied - in pale grey - it isn't as faded as my pics.


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