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Duxford Airshow


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I've been going through my stash of untouched photos and pruning/editing/uploading. These are from the Duxford Airshow last September - some here to whet your appetite and the rest over on Flickr.

Comments and criticism very welcome. I'm a tad disappointed at the general softness of a lot of them, and I haven't quite got my panning right yet, but overall I'm pretty happy with them :)

Thanks for looking



IMG_0656 by spitfire23bc, on Flickr


IMG_0698 by spitfire23bc, on Flickr


IMG_0729 by spitfire23bc, on Flickr


IMG_0795 by spitfire23bc, on Flickr


IMG_0857 by spitfire23bc, on Flickr


IMG_0927 by spitfire23bc, on Flickr

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