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I had an idea about registrations for those of you doing BOAC aircraft, tho it can extend to other airlines and the RAF...

There arent that many people in this GB so how about everybody doing a Different reg ?

so for example, I have a standard VC10 in the hybrid BOAC/BA red tail c/s, G-ARVM

If we do this, then nobody else should do 'VM in that particular scheme...do it in the full BA colours (only 'VM was painted in the full BA scheme)

but you could do it in BOAC colours....keep in mind also that the BOAC standard aircraft, or some of them at least, wore two different styles of BOAC colours...

If we extend this to the RAF and to other airlines, then BUA; there are four registrations available and two different c/s, giving a total of eight potential models - keep in mind that the delivery BUA c/s doesnt apply to all four aircraft operated tho.

Likewise with the RAF; different titles for the CMk1's as well as the later schemes.

If this is do-able, then maybe, just maybe, we could get a table at a show somewhere and display all our VC10's....both civil and military

what do you think?

List your intentions here in this way;

your name. type. operator&c/s. registration.

Kev1n. Standard VC10. BOAC/BA Hybrid. G-ARVM.

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I'll go along with Kve1ns idea. It would be a nice display. I thinkl that co-operation between modellers here doing the same type of aircraft representing different machines serials and registrations would be a good project.

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As advised in my build thread I'm building XR807 when first utilised as a C.1 transport by 10 Sqn RAF, and then in her later years as a C.1K with 101 Sqn as a tanker/transport.



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I'll try and do a different one to everbody else but, I have to admit that I have got so confused over different configurations and registrations of the type, I would not be surprised if I ended up unintentionally duplicating a registration. It will be a BOAC standard though.


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:hmmm: and what do you do if someone wants to do the same reg as someone else? Send the boys round? :fight:

well I could.....but I'm too nice.

It's not compulsory, just as thought so that if we can, it might be nice to have a VC10 display somewhere with all the models being different,

even if it's just the registration

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