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Scale-Model-Kits.com New release!

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<title>Scale-Model-Kits.com: New kits in stock - April 28</title>

<meta name="description" content="Latest arrival of plastic scale models on Scale-Model-Kits.com. New items from Amodel, Miniart, Roden, ICM, Zvezda, ARK, ACE and many other.">

<meta name="keywords" content="plastic scale model kits,scale models,1:72 models,military models,scale figures,tank model,airplane model,aircraft model,amodel,miniart,icm,roden,zvezda,hasegawa,ace,armory,skif,ark,antonov">



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<td colspan="3"><a target="_blank" href="http://www.Scale-Model-Kits.com/?utm_source=MM&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=20120428"><img src="images/banner.jpg" width="745" height="93" border="0"></a></td>



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<h1><a target="_blank" href="http://www.Scale-Model-Kits.com/?utm_source=MM&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=20120428">Scale-Model-Kits.com</a>: New items in stock - April 28</h1>




<td colspan="3">


Scale-Model-Kits.com: New items in stock - April 28


<h2>New models from ACE:</h2> <br>

<b>Munitions Schlepper auf Wespe</b><br><br>

<h2>From Amodel:</h2><br>


<b>De Havilland DH.100 Vampire (Mk3,5,6,9,52)</b><br><br>

<h2>From Combrig:</h2><br>

<b>Russian Gunboat Koreyets, 1887</b><br>

<b>German Battlecruiser Seydlitz, 1913</b><br><br>

<h2>From Eastern Express:</h2><br>

<b>Civil Airliner Tu-134A</b><br>

<b>Tu-134B Civil Airliner </b><br>

<b>B-772 Civil Airliner </b><br>

<b>Civil Airliner IL-18V</b><br>

<b>Civil Airliner IL-18D</b><br>

<b>Antonov An-24T/RT Transport Aircraft</b><br><br>

<h2>From ICM:</h2><br>

<b>Admiral Saloon, WWII German Staff Car</b><br>

<b>Typ 770K (W150) Tourenwagen, WWII German Leader's Car</b><br><br>

<h2>From MiniArt:</h2><br>

<b>British tank crew, (winter uniform)</b><br>

<b>U.S. tank crew</b><br>

<b>GAZ-AAA Mod. 1940 Cargo truck</b><br>

<b>Bricks Pavement </b><br><br>

<h2>From Master Box:</h2><br>

<b>French Cart</b><br>

<b>“Fraulein, what are you doing today? German military men, WW II era”</b><br><br>

<h2>From Military Wheels:</h2><br>

<b>Panzerkampfagen T-60® Flak-30</b><br>

<b>2A45M "Sprut-B" anti-tank gun</b><br><br>

<h2>From PARC Models:</h2><br>

<b>T-20 "Komsomolets"</b><br>

<b>MiG-21 LanceR C</b><br><br>

<h2>From Zebrano:</h2><br>

<b>GAZ-64 Soviet light 4x4 army car</b><br>

<b>The crew of anti-aircraft gun 61-K (Part 1)</b><br>

<b>KV-3 Heavy tank. Conversion kit (turret & barrel)</b><br>

<b>61-K AA gun crew, Part II</b><br>

<b>Cuban AA system S-75 'Dvina' (SA-2 Guideline)/T-55</b><br>

<b>ZiS-12 Soviet truck</b><br>


<a target="_blank" href="http://www.Scale-Model-Kits.com/?utm_source=MM&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=20120428">See more</a>




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