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Operators, a couple of links and other references

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List of VC10 operators - dont forget (altho' I'm sure you dont need reminding) that there are different colour schemes applicable to some of these...

Air Ceylon

Air Malawi

British Airways

British United Airways

British Caledonian


East African Airways

Ghana Airways

Gulf Air

Middle East Airlines

Nigeria Airways

Qatar Government

Rolls Royce

Royal Air Force

Royal Aircraft Establishment

Sultan of Oman Royal Flight

Sierra Leone Airways

United Arab Emirates Government

and these links may be of use if you need to know more (just googling 'VC10' will reveal loads of info anyway)



if you have any other useful sources of info and/or photos, feel free to post them


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The VC10 wing fences -

Starting point with these is that the airfix 1/144 scale VC10, like several of afx's 1/144 airliner kits, was based on the prototype...

so; if you want to build the prototype VC10 G-ARTA, or one of the BOAC aircraft used during the test programme, you could build it straight out of the box, with no mods at all, and if you have a set of the right BOAC decals, thats the only c/s you could use.

these aircraft were amongst those used during the test programme before going to BOAC -



when the aircraft went into service, there were a number of changes to the airframe, the most noticeable being

the colour scheme;


...and the wing fences;


these are shown quite well in this pic of a standard VC10 in the final BOAC colours, which btw was on lease at the time...

also shown in this pic of an RAF aircraft;


Fixing the fences on the airfix kit is easiest done with plasticard, by cutting a slot in the leading edge of the wing and inserting your card, then sanding to the right shape, after cutting the basic shape of the fence first.


Oh, and another thing -

If your building a BOAC Standard VC10, you can leave the outer fence where it is and just add the extra ones to the inboard wing.


it gets a bit more complicated after that...

Remove the outer fence if building a Super VC10 but add the inner fences.

If your doing an in-service BUA/B.Cal or Royal Air Force standard, there were some differences.....

go check out the links above and spend some time checking references.....

anybody who wants to add to this...feel free


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Like I said tho' be a bit careful with the version you are doing....go check references!!

and a couple of pics of BUA's aircraft - the altered wing tips show up clearly;



and dont forget the cargo door on BUA/B.Cal's aircraft!!! (except G-ARTA, which didnt have it)


edit....and yet another thing...

with particular reference to G-ARTA, the prototype; this went to BUA, after being modded up to in-service standard.

So you could, if you wanted, builod two versions; a completely un-modded one, straight from the box, provided you use the correct BOAC markings.

Thats with the white stripes on the fin...

Then you could heavily modify it for BUA's hockey-stick c/s, with the inner wing fences and wing tip extensions;

The you could even do it in Caledonian/BUA or in full B.Cal colours.

B.Cal wrote it off btw in a heavy landing at Gatwick....:(

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B.Cal wrote it off btw in a heavy landing at Gatwick....:(

I walked around this as a child as my dad had a friend who worked at Gatwick at the time, and we spent a weekend at their house. You are correct it was not a pretty sight with tape and polythene wrapped around the damaged area.

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As in how to?

No...someday I'll get a decent set of pics or plans or both of the wingtips then I'll figure it out

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Hopefully the pictures beneath may be of interest to anyone building an ex BOAC/BA 'Super'. These are shots I took at Duxford last year of G-ASGC.


















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Hi All

I have to do the wing fence, has any one got the size of them in 144th as i have no info on the org size or a scale plan.

This will help others i think.



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There is an article on the VC10 in the new issue of Airliner World mag - havent read it all yet, but it doesnt seem to add too much to what is available here on on the net generally

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