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tamiya mk 1 spitfire diorama

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A very battered and rusty looking Austin Tilly there, lovely weathering. Great figures - I've used those myself so can appreciate the finish you got on them. Its such a lovely diorama that I hesitate to bring up that age old topic of Austin Tillys not being used by the RAF and how annoying that Tamiya made that mistake. However, I still like the overall composition of the diorama, very nicely done.

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No need to be 'kind'! Excellent modelling skills in evidence and an atmospheric diorama. Good use of the slightly beat-up Tilly!

Minor niggle: in that situation, with the pilot boarding (so the stick wouldn't be secured by a locking device!), the elevators would typically droop a bit.

From a layout POW, there's a lot of empty space in the front right corner, with the Tilly and the grass tilting the balance of the composition to the back area. Maybe add some bits and pieces in the forward part of the apron to balance things up a bit? Also, since the pilot is boarding and engine start seems imminent, where's the starter cart? ;-)

As I said, niggles. Really nice work there, with a lot oft that 'real' feeling!

Kind regards,


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