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Some more progress.

I scratch built some detail behind the seat using the detail shots in these albums




I then gave the kit a bit of a light polish with some micromesh 12000 and then applied a Flory Models Dark dirt wash



After cleaning this off things were looking good so I applied my usual clear coat of Tamiya Gloss thinned with Mr Color thinners.

Then my AMS set in, I decide to try and correct a few little flaws (invisible to everyone's eyes but mine .....

Each time I corrected a flaw, something else what pop up, and each time I thought I'd finished I wasn't. Clear coat cracking was the worst issue I was facing and I couldn't figure out why

5 hours later and after much swearing I had stripped the whole left wing.

In the process of repainting I then stuffed up the left side of the fuselage.... Time to walk away...... before it goes through a wall


After a night of reflection (and 1/2 dozen beers) I decided that impatience, or more precisely not letting the colour coats cure properly (long enough) was my main issue

I spent the next week doing a few hours each night. A bit of priming, letting it dry then repainting. In between, I also re-scribed many of the lines so the wash would take without .

Despite taking it slow I still had to redo a couple of spots, mainly due to scribing mishaps but eventually I've gotten it ready for decals. I'm leaving for a few days just to let the paint fully cure before I start decalling.







Here's a couple of shots of the area where the Afterburner decal masks were used. They have been removed and are waiting for decals



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Nice finish on the paintwork Calum, all that extra work has paid off me thinks... :thumbsup:

Edited by Rich F

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Some Eduard PE sets add little to the model but I reckon the F-2A set is worth the $16 or so, just for the Canopy and landing gear.

I could have used a few more parts but I really couldn't be bothered.

Getting the curved piece on the inside of the front windscreen was difficult, as was adding the piece the rear edge of the canopy.




The landing gear stuff was simpler.



Another good piece adds the prominent ridge on the canopy edge.


I also finally got around to painting the wheel wells. Great detail but hard to paint, and no one will see it. Plus I already know I will be having issues ensuring the landing gears is aligned correctly.





I've started the stickers... man there is a lot of them

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Looking great, good job. That PE does add quite a lot to your already superb bird. Nice one.

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Clearly I'm not going to finish this in the time required..... What happens with these threads/sub forums?

But after about 12 plus hours I've managed to get all (bar one) of the decals on. I totally screwed the wing walkway for the rear of the right wing.

Saving the day however was Scott at Afterburner decals who is sending me a replacement:cheers: . Thanks heaps Scott it is very much appreciated. I hope they do a F-2 Stencil sheet as i'd love to do a few more F-2's, but without the stencils it's just not the same

This is probably the most comprehensive decal sheet I've ever used and was actually a joy to use (with the one exception). The time taken to use all the stencils is totally worth the effort IMHO. Anyway onto the images..







An example of how good these Cartograf printed decals are. The first decals I put on were the underside roundels, this was about 2 weeks ago.

When I'd finished I dry fitted the wing stations and found that they went over the roundels. I applied some Microset and waited until the decal softened. I then managed to lift a edge of the decal with a no 11 blade enough to get a wet soft brush under it. A bit more work with the brush and the decal came off. I repositioned it and did the same with the other side.





Edited by Calum

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Wow, that is looking mighty impressive! Ask one of the mods to move it over to the aircraft WIP section and carry it on there.lovely job.

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She's finally on her wheels, but boy was that a job. Yet again the aftermarket wheel well was the issue.

Because I didn't have it installed exactly right I couldn't use the locating holes in it to attach the main gear legs.

I ended up putting a brass pin through the top of thinner leg as close to the bottom of the fuselage as possible. This allowed me to pivot the leg until I got the legs sitting correctly. Once it got it right I flooded the gap with CA glue to to secure it



Next issue is the main gear doors. Because the Aires set is to short (or I have it in the wrong spot) the main landing gear doors don't fit with the actuators attached in the correct positions. I've had to shave of the front actuator assembly and instead of it sitting flush with the front of the door it'll be back a bit. I haven't finished this as yet so photos to come in the next update.

But if you are going to use the Aires set then perhaps it should be installed flush with the front of the fuselage hole, not flush with the rear like I did. The photos below show the gap between the front of the bay and fuselage hole.



The nose gear wasn't to much trouble but some trimming of the leg was required to get it to fit.


I wasn't happy with the silvering on serial numbers on the tail.


So I decided to try and reset them. I really only noticed it after I applied really light clear coat. Now I knew I'd have to be be really lucky to get away with it. And guess what I wasn't.




I can use the other serials on the sheet to make this number so all is not lost.

The tyre decals are nice touch


Edited by Calum

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Wow Calum, this one looks great but what a test of patience. Isn't it amazing how the simplest of things can catch us out and drag a build backwards. I admire your resilience and determination to get it right though. Looking forward to see it finished and a shame that you didn't make the end date because this would have looked good in the gallery.


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Thanks to Scott at Afterburner decals and David progress is being made. She's oh so close now.

This weeks dramas involved the clear parts. Removing the masking is always exciting, you know you're just about done . Unfortunately I always seems to have issues with tape or something damaging the Future, especially when it's been taped up for a while. And this was no different.

I found a nasty scratch on the right hand side of the front glass. I tried "filling" the hole with future by polishing and then re-coating the entire glazing by applying the Future with a soft brush. Although the scratch was still there I was happy with the repair.

After a couple of hours I decided to apply another coat...... Bad Move. everything went milky... I knew I should walked away :mad:

So I decided to carefully remove the future with IPA and cotton buds. After this I used various Micro mesh buds to polish out the scratch, which was a lot deeper than I thought. Then I used the Tamiya Polishing compounds to clean up the plastic some more. Finally I polished the plastic with CRC 5.56 (like WD 40). I'm now happy enough :)

I had similar issue the following night with the rear glazing. I used the same approach with the same results.

next was the tanks and missiles. The tanks were attached with Gator Glue and fitted fine. The missiles are depicted as exercise (or Airshow) rounds, unfortunately I didn't have any decals for hem. I put some black strips on them to simulate some the markings I had on my reference photos. They were then attached with Gator glue and left to dry overnight.

The replacement serials were applied but the tail hasn't been dullcoated as yet.

Sorry for rambling on... (but this is going into my blog as well and I need some content)







Only a final dullcoate left and the rest of the fiddly bits.

I'm not going to weather this one much, as the I'd think these anniversary jets would be clean-ish. hopefully i'll be done this weekend.

Edited by Calum

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