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1/48 Kinetic F-16D Barak

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My entry for the the GB will be Kinetic's offering of the F-16D Barkeet or as it should be known, Barak (means lightning in Hebrew) .

Dave JL has already chosen the The Valley Squadron so I'll go with the Scorpion Squadron.

Here's what I've got for the build...

Obligitory box top shot


Masses of plastic


A little bit of AM to tart it up.


And a bit of ref material, Dave I known you were after a copy the the Barak book, sorry but I need mine, ended up getting it off Israeli Ebay a couple of weeks ago for a tidy sum!


Right off to do a bit of modelling if you dont mind :whistle:

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Ok, got a bit done, starting with the cockpit for a change.

Since I'm not adding a resin cockpit, I've added a bit of detail to the rear cockpit coaming to liven it up a bit, I'm going to be using Eduard's self adhesive PE set. Its meant for the F-16I sufa but should be close enough.



I've basically been using my AIRES F-16D set as a guide along with the ISRADECAL book, Dave if your going to buy this book for the cockpit photo section, dont bother, there's only 2 pages and they really dont show that much.



As you can see I'm using the AIRES ACES II seats, although I'm not sure how much of this you'll be able to see after its all painted black...

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Looking good Bud think it`s one to watch.

wellzy :headphones:

Agreed with Wellzy here!

Good work mate. I'll be adopting a few of your ideas (or trying to to) :lol:


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Moving along slowly with this kit, I've just about completed the cockpit now, which basically meant painting everything black (well a very dark grey anyway) The Israeli block 40 jets were configured for night attack work so they were delivered with a black cockpit to stop glaring the crew when they were wearing NVG's.

Not being the fastest of builders, I went for Eduards self adhesive PE set for the F-16I Sufa. This fit very well and all I did extra was paint the grey bits with Tamiya NATO black. I then added Aires ACES II seats as the kit ones were a bit vague the fit is very tight, so tight infact after dry fitting I don't think I can get them out without damaging them. Too replicate the sheepskin seatpads i used Tamiya's pavement effect paint then painted it black and highlighted with light grey, anyway on to the pictures...


The oxygen hoses were made from copper wire with thin lead wire wrapped tightly around it.



I added clear green to the MFD's as the screens were too light.


The red squares on the top of the ejection seats are actually little pouches, I think they are for the seat safety pins, maybe somebody can confirm this?


Next up I've got to deal with kinetic's notorious raised pin ejector marks and massive sprue gates! wish me luck. :lol:

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Quite a bit of work but not that much to show for it, the fit of this kit is definetly not Tamiya standards, just cleaning up the parts after cutting them of the sprue takes more time than usual <_< Anyway enough of the rant, here's what I've done sofar:

I fitted the spine which was a task it self as a far bit of sanding was needed to get it looking right. Then a bit of detail was added to the rear cockpit bulkhead as its just flat otherwise.



Next complaint about this kit is the canopy, I think I was pulled from the mould to quickly as there seems to be some uneveness to the surface, I'll see if it will sand out. :angry:


Next up, I added some spurious detail to the MLG bays to liven it up, nothing to fancy.



The way the intake goes together makes it just about impossible to get a seem free finish so I decided to bin the idea of showing the intake. I already had eduards P E intake blank but this is for the Hasegawa kit, guess what, it didn't fit so I had a go at making my own from plastic card and wine bottle foil. I also made an exhaust cover to from wine bottle foil too, not to shabby me thinks :D


I've also built up all the ordanance she will be loaded with, decided to use Hasegawa's JDAM and GBU-16 as these were a bit more accurate, the only modification was the seeker head for the GBU-16. I cut it off thinned the fins and added a bit of tubing for the ring around the fins, then stuck it back on drooped.



I'm fighting to get the intake assembly to fit at moment, I maybe some time :rant: Come back Hasegawa F-16's all is forgiven, can you tell that I'm not enjoying this kit! :deadhorse:

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great progress Rich!

looking amazing!!!

regardign the canopy i have the same issue at the front at both kinetic kits plus a replacement one! It is not very noticable if you dont put your face mm infront of it! at least on mine

:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

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Slowly moving along with this kit...

After attaching the intake and sorting out some major fit issues with the undercarriage bays :raincloud: I painted the area's surrounding them as the legs have to be deployed I though it would be easier to mask this then I paint the undercarriage and bays I did this using Tamiya white.

Main Bays...





Nose gear and bay...


Gear doors, nice detail on these at least...


Royale Resin Blk 40 wheels, very nice.


And finally the kit Litening pod, I used Afterburner decals as they were a bit better than the kit ones, just needs a flat coat and the lenses adding!



Next up putting the top and bottom fuselage sections together, dry fitting suggests this could problematic too say the least. :wall:

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Nice work Rich. I was planning to add some detail the the wheel bays but i'm losing interest in the kit! :lol:

Doesn't look like you're having as much trouble with the fit as I am.


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Finally moving along with this kit, after many rounds of filling and sanding we have an F-16 that is ready for some paint...



Today I got the primer on, for which I used Alcad grey primer (great stuff), then I had the tedious task of pre-shading :hypnotised:



I'd already painted the drop tanks and after reading a technique in a modelling mag I thought I'd give it a try, it basically using a sponge to create a speckle effect. I used thinned Tamiya smoke to create a random dirty effect often found on drop tanks, I think it looks ok, I may give them a thin coat of neutral grey to blend it in.



For the desert camo I've picked up the Tamiya and Gunze paints for the Israeli scheme, as you can see there's quite a bit of a difference in the two, I'm thinking of using all of them to create a more interesting look...


Should have a bit more to look at by the weekend.

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Nice work mate. Looking well. I'm still waiting on a replacement canopy frame arriving from Lucky Model then that's mine done. Won't be building another one of these anytime soon!


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Just a quick progress update, paints now on after 3 days of spraying free hand which definetly required a steady hand and nearly went cross-eyed in the process :hypnotised:

Quite pleased although I still need to tidy up a bit of over spray and tighten up a couple of demarcation lines.




Must get my skates on or I'll miss the deadline. :bounce:

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Cheers Parabat, I take it your a member of the Airborne brotherhood then? I used to be 216(para) sig sqn back in the day when it was at the 'shot' ahh happy days :giles:

Anyway back to the Viper, I've managed to get a coat of Klear on and the decals. I used the kit decals and gallons of Microset/sol which despite being printed by cartograf still silvered a bit, could be my gloss coat not being glossy enough :hmmm:




I'll give it another coat of Klear then an oil pin wash and then a matt coat, should get this one finished in time, I hope...

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