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Tamiya 1/48 Fw-190A8

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I'm at it again,

After just completing my D.520 and Ta-152, I was looking through the stash yesterday in hope of finding something I can get done prior to the NSW Model Expo http://ipma.hobbyvista.com/IPMA-Events.html in a month's time. Sure enough, the show dates tie in with the completion of this GB. So, having a look at my 190 kits, I decided on this Tamiya A8, mainly because I have two of them, and having done the A3 before from Tamiya, I know they are typically quick builds. This build is in contravention of my 'build every Fw-190/Ta-152 mark' goal, as I already have a Hasegawa A8 in the cabinet, but who cares, another A8 won't hurt!


For markings, I am tossing up over a Walther Dahl JG300 machine (very similar to my Heinz Bar A7 recently done, but still an interesting scheme), or a scheme that is somewhat different that is contained within the fine Kagero Fw-190 at war book. Most of you would have seen plenty of JG3000 machines modelled, so I reckon this Kagero scheme is the way to go. Thoughts? It has a yellow spinner and inner prop blades, along with red prop tips and a nice Indian's head on the fuselage side.



Aftermarket stuff is here. Not going with the gunsight or control columns, these are far more suited to the Hasegawa kit. So the only aftermarket will be the fine True Details seat, maybe a couple of Quickboost gun barrels, True Details wheels and Quickboost pitot.



Wish me luck. And if I don;t get it finished I won't be too concenred, as at least I have got the Ta-152 in the gallery as a contribution.

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Oh, and forgot to ask, If going with the yellow nosed bird, would I spary the exhaust areas a metallic colour of some sort, or just heavily weather them post build???? Hard to tell in the profile which way to go.

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Good luck mate.

I think you will romp it in!

The profile would tend to show an each way bet really. In the absence of another definitive reference I think you are right each way. To me it looks a bit metallic but more RLM76 and heavily weathered, so I would go that way.


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Gotta love Tamiya kits.... I know I say that now, I may not be as favourable in future comments, we'll see how it goes.

Have gotten the pit done and a few sub assemblies. As I am a mainly OOB builder, this work has taken me from yesterday to today, with a few good hours (around 3 hours in total, in three one hour sessions) of work put in.







Wings (note the different cannon chutes on each side, the Kagero book shows the same cannons, but different chutes on the underside...go figure?!)




Cockpit (seat is not yet glued in, that will take place once the rear decking is in so I can get the buckles to sit atop it)


Won't be able to get back to it now until the end of the week. By the weekend I expect to have the fuselage and wings on and then onto the painting preps. Not wasting time with this one, but why should I??

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Quick update....

Fuse is joined up, no big issues. I have also cleared the seam from the gunsight area too, easy job with some superglue and accelerator and a little light sanding.


I noticed that there was an unacceptable gap between the wing tops and the fuselage, so a few small sprue offcuts were added to slightly widen the area.


And the result


And the wing detail is far better than Hasegawa, with the cannon mounts sliding in with no issue. I may need just a tad of Mr Surfacer to fill the lines a little, but nothing too bad.


Sunday provides a good opportunity for me to get cracking to the painting stage, with a plan to have the paint applied later next week or next weekend.

The 5 May goal still seems well achieveable.

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Looks better in the flesh.


Thanks mate.

Got some more work done today, mainly in filling in some nasty seam lines around the cowling area. I am in the process of cleaning it all up and will post pics once it is ready for paining. I have also done the undercarriage legs, adding wire for brake cables and thin tape to replicate straps, probably my best effort at this technique thus far, as the securing with superglue was quick and pain free. I will post pics of this aswell with the pre painting pics.

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Progress....... :hmmm:

And a smooth Tamiya build fails the shake and bake test once again...maybe it's shake, but then keep testing the temp (and my frustration) until it's finally baked?

The fuselage is together and the Mr Surfacer filling is nearly done. Some significant gaps around the cowl and lower cowl to wing join needed to be addressed. I also attacked the wing roots with a touch of filler, and have just added a touch more to the wing cannon inserts to make them blend better in with the wing leading edge.






I have also completed painting the tailwheel assembly with the exception of the silver for the shaft, the wheels (still to be weathered with dry silver brushing) and the main undercarriage legs are ready for paint.



I have also sprayed the prop its main colour and getting ready for the yellow and red additions.

Onto completion of the filling tomorrow, and then it's onto masking and getting ready for painting. I will continue to chip away on the little additons now so as to make the completion quicker, as I don't want to rush towards the end of the period trying to finish it. This will include canopy, canopy innards, aerials, step and undercarriage doors.

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Paint's on. Prop coming along step by step. Should have painting done by the end of the weekend. Well and truly on track for the finish by May 6...or so I think...at this stage.








More to come in the next few days.

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Time for a rant!!!!

Everything was going well until this afternoon. Camo on, mottling done, then I try the exhaust areas with a Gunze metal colour. Sure enough, the airbrush gives a spurt and the paint runs under the tape, problem sorta fixed but not 100% happy. To make things worse, the same thing happens with the yellow under the nose, and I end up with a blotch of yellow paint, :shit::angry:, but I figure I should be able to fix it, but still, I have had a stack of luck woth yellow recently.

So, go down tonight with the aim of respraying the yellow. Sand it back, mask the area, and apply the paint. Looks ok, so remove the mask, and notice a decided difference between the paint in the resprayed area and the original job, so, without mask, spray a little more, and get another f^&$%# blotch, and I get overspray onto the blue around it :raincloud::wall::boom::banghead::badmood::poo:. Yep, rookie mistake, in retrospect!

Solution. Leave it overnight, sand back the entire yellow area, and respray it with black as an undercoat, probably tomorrow night. The touch up of the oversprayed areas can be quickly done so not concerned with that.

I will get pics up when everything is complete. Was getting very happy with it until now. The prop and spinner look fantastic and really set the nose off, pity I can't get the rest of the stupid thing the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aim to have decals on Wednesday, undercarrige on Thursday, with a possible finish next weekend or mid way through the week after, just in time for the show it is being finished for, and the end of the GB.

Rant over.

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This has come along at a pace since I last looked in. I think someone has put a spell on this GB with the number of mishaps going on, I had one myself yesterday, got some CA on my glove I wear when handling the model and stuck it to the fuselage side! Luckily only a few fibres but enough to make me sweat a bit.

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Problem solved. Just a few little touch ups to do (a mottling fix after a too high pressure attempt tonight and a quick prop touch up) and she'll be ready for a gloss coat and decalling. I will put pics up tomorrow night...I promise. And after the issues of yesterday, I am happy again, it looks awesome with it's yellow prop.

On track and time, I hope.

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Oh yeah!!!! :yahoo:

On the way home with this one. Love the look of the prop and nose. The mottling is some of the best I have done to date (thank heavens for Gunze heavily thinned paints and low pressure air) and the camo is suitably shaded in varying colurs to give a slightly worn look. The exhaust areas are care of Gunze Mr Color Stainless Steel and the yellow is alos Gunze RLM 04, sprayed over a balck undercoat after my issues a few posts earlier. A few small touchups are still needed, mainly with a tad of yellow overspary near the aft nose section (which happens to be in an exhausts area and will be dirtied up) and the wingtips need some light filling with some PVA glue.

I will be applying the decals tomorrow (will be using Hasegawa instead of Tamiya for the crosses) and I think I may need to spray the red elevator and rudders tabs as I don't think Tamiya give these as decals?






More photos to come over the next few days.

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