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A2A Simulations

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Hi all,

Just been browsing the sim forums and have seen no mention whatsoever of the A2A addons for FSX and their unparalleled 'Accusim' software. In my view, that's criminal smile.png

For those who are unaware of A2A aircraft, not only do they model very high quality aircraft (primarily WWII, but others such as the B377, Piper Cub), but they have invented a system called 'Accusim'

There is nothing like it. Absolutely nothing like it.

They take their modelling down to individual systems within the engine, hydraulics, electrics etc, and then reflect that in both the instruments and the gauges, meaning that no two flights are the same. One one flight, you might run your engine a little harder, allowing temperatures to creep up a little more. This will increase engine wear, so next time you fly, you might find that it doesn't respond so quickly to throttle, or your RPMs aren't quite as stable as they were before. With their newer releases, they have developed a very complex 'maintenance hangar' which will show you your airframe time (Accusim saves the state of your aircraft when you exit a flight, so all stress/damage etc will be there when you next fly!) and any worn/failed components.

To put this in perspective, I took their B-17 up for a half-hour flight doing some circuits, ran it within the limitations, and the maintenance checked out fine after landing. When I went for my next flight, Engine 4 (outer starboard) started fine, but did not develop anywhere near the correct manifold pressure/RPM it should when idling. After about a minute, it quit. I knew it was serious so I shut my other engines down and went to the maintenance hangar. Turned out that the turbocharger wastegate had failed, so I promptly fixed it and it started fine for the next flight smile.png

And it doesn't just end when you get back to your parking bay either. Will your next flight be in the cold? Then activate the oil dilution for your engines for a few minutes before you shut down. Oil dilution, as the name suggests, pumps some petrol into the oil system, so that if you try to start it in the cold, it won't be as viscous, so your oil pressure won't be so high, and you won't damage the engine. Neat eh? smile.png

And the flight model gets exactly the same treatment biggrin.png

And so do the sound effects biggrin.png

To date, their Accusim releases have been:

Boeing B377 Stratocruiser

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'Razorback' (3 sub-models with different propellers, electric/hydromatic etc)

Piper J3 Cub (also comes with tundra tyres, floats and skis)

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I & II (with straight/Malcolm hood, fixed/variable pitch props - can be changed in maintenance hangar)

Curtiss P-40B/C Tomahawk, RAF Tomahawk II

...and work is continuing on the P-51D Mustang, F-4 Phantom and F-104 Starfighter!!

I could spend all day talking about Accusim - to make the point, since I got their P-47D Razorback (their second Accusim aircraft) 2 years ago, I've barely flown anything but Accusim aircraft since.

To make the point more elegantly than I ever could, here are a couple of their videos... smile.png

Visit http://www.a2asimulations.com/ and get flying smile.png

Edited by HammerUK9

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I agree, the Mk1/2 Spit`s are simply amazing, in fact all their accu-simmed aircraft is awe inspiring.

Cant wait for the Phantom :bounce:

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I agree too!

I am lucky enough to own all of A2A's Accusim aircraft, and they are superb. In fact they are the only planes i fly in FSX, the others just seem rubbish now!



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