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Samurai Warrior


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Samurai Warrior



Recently released by MiniArt models this Samurai Warrior is the latest in their range of 1:16 figures. Arriving in a top opening box with an artists representation of the built up and painted figure in a fighting pose. Inside are two sprues of grey styrene containing the 61 parts. The pictorial instructions are in a four page A4 booklet with the painting instructions on the back. The parts are nicely moulded with both recessed and raised detail, although there is a small amount of flash they shouldn’t take too much cleaning up to be useable. The biggest problem is the complete lack of location pins and from some trial fitting the parts do not go together very well and will probably require a fair amount of filler.

The instructions are basically photographs of the parts built up in seven stages. The pictures are clear, but with the parts just pointed out with their respective numbers and it’s not very clear in which order these parts should be put together. This means the modeller will have to use trial and error and lots of dry fitting to get it right. All very well for the experienced or intermediate figure modeller but might be a bit daunting for a beginner. To get the feeling of depth and for ease, a lot of the parts will need to be painted before adding to the model. When completed, with some careful and very detailed painting this figure will look really smart.

Not being an expert on the Samurai I wouldn’t have known of any inaccuracies with this kit. But having read a thread on this site it appears that the sword is incorrect, being straight and not curved, as its scabbard; the helmet is not wholly accurate either.




MiniArt should be commended for releasing these figures. It is a shame that there are inaccuracies with this model, but some of these can be fairly easily overcome. The fit of parts is a big disappointment though, added to the pretty poor instructions this will not be a quick build. With patience, and a steady hand though, plus a fair bit of filler, an intermediate/experienced modeller could make a fair job of this colourful figure.


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It depends on what era they are trying to represent. In the older samurai period, before around 1100AD, swords were straight - it's only after about 1200 or so that the curved 'katana' became more common.


The same applies to the helmet - older period helmets had the huge flared bits on the side. As the armour gets newer, the flared bits get smaller until they disappear in (I think) about 1650 - 1700 or so.


One of the Osprey books ('Early Samurai', I think) has an excellent painting of Minamoto Yoshitsune, who looks very much like the figure here.



As an aside, I have this kit, and the quality can be described as dire - poor fit, soft detail, soft plastic and vague instructions. It's been consigned to the 'shelf of doom' for a number of years - maybe I'll finish it one day...

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