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Grey Nurse

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G'day hope your all enjoying the weekend :D. just thought I would show my CMR 1/72 mkVIII Spitfire finished after posting one of my little mistakes in WIP and I have made lots of mistakes here, this hasn't come close to what I was expecting :( but it still looks cool and there was a couple of lessons learn't and a couple of basic principle's of modelling I was reminded of :blush:

Thanx to CMR for helping to replace code letters sorry I couldn't give the kit the finish it deserves I'll get it right the next one.







I'm glad I got the sharks mouth lined up right that was my biggest worry

Thanx for looking

cheers Callum

edited the topic description its not a fail I do love it theres just a couple of things frustrating me with it hehe

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Ok the mistakes and yes I'm being picky because I have held off for a long time building one of these because I wanted to be sure of a good finish on it anyway

the pilots armour plate is sitting on the floor instead of behind his back. I didn't use enoungh detergent with the paint for a wash and it stained the undercolour

I hand painted the flat coat over the propeller nosecone thingy and it stained white streaks on and the base of the blades (shoulda diluted the matt coat with water a bit before hand

the canopy.......There is 2 supplyed I got the front part from one of them and the back from the other but managed to wreck both middle ones so this is an IM one from the spares and it doesn't sit down far enough and looks abit chunky hmm what else........


The rudder is over to the left but does the fuselage have a bend in it? its always bugged me is since I got the fuselage together but something just doesn't look right but being resin and using CA glue I was in a bit of a hurry to get the parts together and more than likely stooged it hehe also the replacment codes are a different shade of grey compared to the old ones and the old ones looked cooler ( this set does say they are a correction set for the kit so they are more likely accurate but like I said the old ones were cooler

Anyway as I said I'm picky I really do like that sharks mouth markings (oh yeah there is some silvering of the decals as well )

I'll shut up now blame the glass of red (Its Saturday night)

as an aside this is my 1/1 scale Cappachino I'm trying to work out if the hobby helps the paid job or if its the other way around

although they won't look quite like this tommorrow morning when the custumers are lined up out the door hangin for a caffine hit :blink:


Good night folks

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Looks jolly nice to me! I'm actually working on making the same aircraft, right...this...instant. Don't think it will turn out as well.

Hard to see if the fuselage is bent, the rudder throws me off.

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Very tasty - the Spit not the coffee.........................although having said that the coffee looks pretty good too!

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Cut a smal piece of paper and cover the rudder on your screen. I just did that and it looks straight to me. I would like to add its a nice build as well! You see the faults in your own work others wont unless you point them out! :)

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I don't know if a picture will showcase the problem all that well. My mark 1 eyeball says the alignment looks good enough. The fact that you cocked the rudder a little does help to disguise any perceived fuselage warp if there is one since the eye is naturally drawn to that.

Just remember, we are our own worst critics when it comes to models. We see all the mistakes since we built the thing while others might not notice them. Personally, I think this is a cracking good build myself.

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Thank you very much for the very kind comments I am sorry if I'm anal about it I nearly wasn't going to post it as I thought the mistakes would be plain as day. But then looking at my other Spitfires she is by far the best one I have built so far. Its great being able to show what I am working on and have all you blokes to put things in perspective for me.

Cheers all


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