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Invincible Class Etch Set


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Invincible Class

1:700 Etch

A few years ago White Ensign released an update and detail set for the early HMS Invincible by Dragon. This set is a complete update adding all the parts needed to build any or all of the Invincible class in 1:700 scale, whether they are by Dragon or Revell as there are enough parts to build one of each ship. The modeller will need to check their references carefully depending on what ship and in which era their model is to be built. As usual from White Ensign, the brass is of the highest quality, and full of relief etch detail.


The single sheet contains the following:- 1022 radar front plate, 1022 radar screen, 1022 radar back frame, 1006 navigation radar, DF antenna mounting (late fit), aft funnel front yards (late fit), mainmast top platform yards (port), mainmast top platform yards (starboard), SCOT platform supports, SCOT platform (starboard), SCOT platform (port), mainmast lower yard (starboard), mainmast lower yard (port), mainmast middle yards, alternative mainmast mid yards, port side ramp antenna, late fit antenna aft, superstructure, mainmast upper yards, mainmast mid set Nightmare antenna, mainmast Nightmare antenna, mainmast front yard assembly, foremast yard (starboard), foremast yard (port), funnel cap grilles, Huntress davit, Huntress davit track, DF antenna (early fit), additional front spotlight gantry, front spotlight gantries, foremast yard 'A', foremast yard 'B', foredeck telescopic antenna, Gemini inflatable boat derrick, main crane hooks, starboard front flight deck netting (late fit), port side ramp netting, starboard front flight deck netting (extra for 2000), starboard front flight deck netting, bow goalkeeper side nets, starboard goalkeeper nets, stern goalkeeper nets, foremast yard 'C', foremast yard 'D', foredeck steerage pole, port aft funnel yard (early fit), starboard bridge wing yard, starboard aft funnel yard (early fit), starboard front flight deck netting, front starboard deck netting fillet (2000 fit), stern flight deck fitting (late fit), Sea Dart launcher nets, ramp front net (early fit), stern flight deck netting (early fit), ramp starboard side netting (late fit), ramp front netting (late fit), funnel floodlighting booms, jack staff, ensign staff, flightdeck spotlight gantry side strips, short watertight doors, anchor chain, vertical ladder stock, inclined ladder stock, watertight doors, airlock doors, aft funnel platform & supports, aft funnel platform antenna, DAPS unit left half, DAPS unit right half, DAPS platform, workboat davit track, workboat davit, aft flightdeck spotlight gantry, aft spotlight gantry supports, Seaking helo tail rotors, Seaking helo main rotors, Seaking undercarriage supports, Seaking tail plane, 2-bar rails, standard 3-bar rails, mainmast ESM sensor ring, aft 1006 radar pole ladder & Cage, Sea Harrier undercarriage parts, fore funnel aft yards (Illustrious), fore funnel front yards (Illustrious), 1022 radar tower antenna, 1022 radar tower front platform (2000).


As you can see the sheet is packed with equipment, enough for three models. So, if, like me you have all three ships in your stash you only need to buy this one set to give hours of modelling fun and the opportunity to have a very detailed class of ships in your display cabinet. Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of John at


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