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I just thought I'd share a couple of treasure troves of freeware classic jet airliners for FS2004 and FSX that have been in my bookmarks for years now. They've all been designed for FS2004 and work best in that sim, but they can be made to work in FSX as well. All free, pretty good fun to fly and well worth a look....

DM Flight Sim - http://www.dmflightsim.co.uk/

The site of David Maltby. He's got the Comet 4, Trident, BAC 1-11 and VC10 all on his site, all available with a nice selection of period liveries and some decent panels and sounds. An absolute must for any fan of classic British airliners.

Historic Jetliners Group - http://www.simviation.com/hjg/

Complements the David Maltby site extremely well with a huge selection of 707s, 727s, DC-8s, DC-9s, Tristars, plus many more. A bewildering array of liveries, suitable intrument panels and sounds as well.

Brit Sim (Formerly Classic British Files) - http://www.britsim.com/

An extensive file library of classic British aircraft for FS2004 and FSX.

And finally, well worth a mention is the Tin Mouse Project 737-200 for FS2004 - an extremely well modelled and featured classic 737. Grab the required files from here:


All of the above are free to download. If you've got FS2004 or FSX and enjoy classic airliners you can get many hours of enjoyment out of the above.

I hope this is new to at least some here and you can find something worth your time to download and fly.

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