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Battleship Anchor Chain and Aerial Spreaders


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Battleship Anchor Chain and Aerial Spreaders


Maritime modellers who are perhaps not quite as adept at scratchbuilding will welcome the latest releases from White Ensign Models.

The Battleship Anchor chain set is a small etch sheet comprising of 720 individual stud links of the correct type for Royal Navy anchor chain. Each link has to be carefully removed from the sheet and fitted to the next link; building up to whatever length of chain is required. The process looks like it will be quite fiddly, but worth it to add an authentic looking chain to a model.



The second new release is perhaps an even more welcome addition. Aerial spreaders were used on many types of ship during both the WWI and WWII. This etched set comprises of 90 pairs of spreaders with 4 shapes to choose from. Research will be needed on which type and how many were used on each cage aerial, and I feel there is more than enough choice to cover several models. The smaller types on the sheet can also be used for 1:700 scale models. The instructions show clearly how they are meant to be used.




Both these sets are very welcome indeed and I will certainly be using them in forthcoming builds. Highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of John at


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