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Late entry with Heritage 190 s 8

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I would like to enter the gb with the Hendon 190 A8 U1

I first saw it at St Athan in '87 when on my driving course ( I have piccies of it with engine running somewhere).

I will be using wings and bits from the Eduard A5


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I would be interested to see if there were any fit problems with the tamiya kit as this requiring a lot of shims around the wing .

The wing underside will need 1mm taken off to fit aft of the cockpit but the 'firewall' needs nearly 2 mm shimming after cleanup, not the crispest moulding there.

I should have cut right back to the cockpit and used the eduard front.

On taking a look at the the history of the S, it would be possible to convert the single seater with fewer problems than making the resin fit,

as the trainers were converted fighters , the work done in Poland.

As tank152 said , that has hurt cutting up that nice Eduard kit.

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Well, butchering has been quite brutal, if I was to do this again, I would imediately cut and chuck most of the resin.

I would just keep the heritage upper cockpit area.

I cannot speak for the tamiya kit for which this was designed, but there are fit problems for the eduard.




chopped some more with the eduard forward panels grafted to the resin

The wings are on and it, ready for paint - camera charging at the moment.

I may even finish this one.

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I had the eduard already.

If i knew about the fit probs ,I would have butchered the resin along the panel line just below the cockpit from just aft of the windscreen back to the tail.

99.9% of fit problems solved.

I have read, however , that the tammy kit is no better a fit than the eduard, and then there is the price of tamiya kits!

I have decided to do the 190 as it appeared in the 70's before its repaint.

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Well hindsight is definitely 20/20 and if I had to do this again ,I would have approached this verrrrry differently.

I spent last night re doing the p1 instrument cover due to an accident with the tweezers while installing the stick.

I also had fun with tiny little numbers and a scalpel to get the werke numbers correct.

Glad it's finished, may even do another one!




BTW, this is the Hendon F8/U1 as seen before it's current disguise, as seen at chivenor in 71 (the pic on the monitor on top).

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