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Fw-190 A1 II./JG 1 conversion hasegawa Fw/190 A5

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Hi Guys,

I want to back date the Hasegawa Fw-190 A5 to a A1 version.

The main difference are:

shorter nose

MG-17 machine guns instead of the inboard 20 mm cannons, they also didn't have the bulges for the cannons on the top side of the wings.

No aircooling panels after the engine (behind the exhausts)

different antenna arrangement at the tail

And some different panellines.

The cockpit was a little different

there will be some more but I don't remember them know.

Here are some pictures from the kit.




And the goodies.




The set from Montex is just there as a reference for the conversion. I want to do it myself plus that I can still build later a A3 conversion.

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Here are the first pictures of the shortening of the nose.

I have put the A5 fuselage at the top of the picture and the A1 below that.



If you look closely you can see that there was a panel line to help the cut.

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Wonderful choice Arnold. I'm really looking forward to this one

It will be great to see an early 190 in the GB.

Is the Montex conversion available in the U.K.?


Hi Steve, I believe so. If I can remember there were a lot of stuf from Montex on the stand from A2Zee models at Telford.

I don't know if it is still available.

Take a look at the site of Montex.

I bought mine from a friend. For who I am still greatfull.


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Here are some pictures of the filling and rescribing of the panellines on the fuselage.

Here are the two fuselage sides before the filling and rescribing. The panellines with the marker on are the ones to be filled. The left aircooling panel was already done. the silver paint is to look if it´s OK


Here are the aircooling panels filled and the hatch on the left fuselage




This is the left fuselage with the resribing done. The bottom fuselage is the montex version



This is the right fuselage with the rescribing done. The top fuselage is the montex version



I have also seperated the rudder. There are two rudders in the montex set so I used one of those.


I hade to this the edge to fit the rudder. Left is already done


I hope you like it till this point.

Now I have to fill more on the wing and get rid of the cannon bulges on the top of the wing. But that is for next time.

After that it will be a straight build.

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Here are some pictures of the underside of the wing.

The changes made are:

Removal of the panellines for the MW50 tank this was only used from the A8 onwards (the black line and hole below the black line on the right. Left finished wing)

Removal of the hole for the RDF antenna (used from the A3? onwards)


Removal of the munition chutes These are to large for the MG17's ( white plastic)

Removal of the hole for the wing Antenna This was only used from the A8 onwards (Black outlined hole above the right shute)



And make some smaller shutes for the MG17's. They aren't of the correct shape but will do my best to make them better.


Now I have to do the upper Cannon bulges on the wing. I still haven't decided how to do it. It's going to be to fill the bulges on the inside with some epoxy and file them amay till they are smooth or to remove the whole panel and make a new one from a plastic sheet. Decisions decisions !?

You will see it when I have decided it.

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Thanxs Guys

I have done some more today. I have decided to cut out the hatches for the wing root cannons and replace them with new plastic ones.

I have made some pictures and hopefully I can put them tomorrow here.

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Here are some pictures of the conversion to the upperwings.

Here are the panels for the wing root cannons removed. It was just extending the panellines under the bulges to match the panels. On the left is the left wing with the panels outlined to see where I have to cut and to remove the bulges


With this Picture I have removed the rest of what was left of the bulges. Before you file the bulges away it is best to strengthen the yoint. I didn't do it on the right wing and it became wafel thin behind the lines where the wingspar goes.



Here is the New panel inserted to the gap. I used the cut out panel as a reference for the new one. I made the panel a bit longer so it won't be to short (that would be a tipical fault for me)


The panel after making it the wright length. You see that the Left wing still hase to be done. Well, Today I finished that one as well.


After finishing the wings I came across the wheelwells. I have yust improved the Machinegun chutes by drilling them out and place a smal peace op plasticsheet behind it. It's not perfect but looks already better. I will do some more work on it to make it look better.


Now there is not much more to do then put the model together and paint it. There are still some small thing to do, but I will do these on the way of the build.

I have bought some MG17 barrels for the 4 MG's that are on this plane from Masters.

I hope you like it so far

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Thanxs guys.

I have been doing some standard stuf today. Put the Wheel wells in and glued the fuselage together so I can change the tail (for the antenna).

I have still to do some extra's in the cockpit. The set I use is from MDC and looks lovely, but I came across some things that I am not happy with. The front hood for the Revi sight is to small and also the decking behind the seat is to small. :angry: I hope I still have a front hood from a old Verlinden set. I have to search for it tomorrow or I have to look for the original peaces in the box And make something out of that. The decking hase been sorted by cutting of the one from the kit.

I have some picture of it so you can see for your own eyes what I am talking about. I am a little bit disapointed about that.

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Arnold, don't worry to much about it.

Modelling is all about fixing things and feeling good when we win.

Just see it as a challenge.


Yeah I know. It will be fixed. :shithappens: I will be concentrating tomorrow on the pit. It hase to bee backdated from a A8 to a A1. Mainly it's the left hand side panel and the top instrument panel that hase to be done. Hopefully some pictures tomorrow. After that I can paint the pit.

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Some more work done yesterday evening and this morning.

A picture of the tail antenna that was changed from the late version to a early one



I have also glued the wheelwells in. There was some serious clamping to do there


I have glued both fuselage half together and also put the Verlinden front hood after some modification on.



I have also started working on the Cockpit. It's the MDC one for a A8. So I have to do some extra stuf to it to make it usable for a A1. Here are some pictures of the left hand side of the cockpit. The picture with 2 cockpits is for comparison ( the pit on top is a original one and below is the one with some items removed from the left side.)



Here are some diference added to the left side


The last picture is the difference between the original dekking(left) and the MDC one. There is a huge difference between the two


This is what hase been done so far. There will be no update for at least a couple of days. I need to do some family time.

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