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Fw 190 D-13 1/48 "Yellow 10"

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here is my first attempt on Luftwaffe subject.

The model is Eduard dual combo D-11/D-13 build almost OOB.

The prop blades, tail wheel and ruder are from a beautiful detail set from BlackDog.

I've used Gunze "C" paints except the natural metal parts which were done by various shades of Alclad.










Hope you like it ...

Thanks for looking


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For reasons that have thus far eluded me, I'm not a fan of the 190. That said, I am a fan of this one! Gorgeous!

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Great stuff another Dora, and the ultimate one as well. Your a bit heavy on some of your mottling but that said you've chosen one of the most complex schemes for your first Luftwaffe kite. Other than that you've done a great job. I changed the prop on my Dora as the kit ones are way to thick.

The actual aircraft was up for sale a few years ago on the condition that it was never flown.

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