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1/48 Italeri F-14A Tomcat

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This is my entry, going to build OOB with the exception of some replacement seats.

Going to be finished as VF-1 Wolfpack, USS Enterprise, which I believe was the first operational cruise for the Tomcat. From googling around the subject, it is my understanding that this cruise saw the first combat sorties flown by F-14s in providing fighter cover to Operation Frequent Wind, the helicopter evacuation from Saigon in April 1975.

The box art.


The what is in the box photos.




Although I have to admit I didn't choose the scheme because of the history, I just liked the red strip down the side.


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You are right, operation Frequent Wind saw the first combat deployment of the Tomcat during the first cruise. There have been rumours that some strafing occurred during the operation, but these are just rumours. Still, both units wore great schemes, and a VF-1 aircraft is a welcome addition.

If you are interested in total accuracy, the Italeri kit is patterned after a later aircraft and the Frequent Wind tomcats had some structural differences in the tail area. VF-1 however also used later aircrafts with the same markings.

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....just been struggling to find time at the moment.

you think you're struggling?

still looking good tho so keep at it

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