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Academy 1/72 F-14A VF-41 'Black Aces'

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Decaling finished on fuselage, varnished ready for wash

Pheonix missiles and tanks done as well

Crew in progress, need to look at canopy, pylons and hook as they have been overlooked so far


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Hi Shamrock

Yes, its good stuff, I picked some up after reading good things about it here on BM

I decant it into a small glass dropper bottle (removes the risk of knocking over the full bottle and wasting it). For small areas I normally use the paint deposited on the inside of a shaken pot of Lifecolor and add the smallest drop of the Flow Improver. For the F-14 I added 2 full dropper loads (1 at a time then tested) to a new full pot.

It does seem to 'froth' the paint slightly but it quickly settles down and looks very smooth to my eyes, I used it on my Vulcan and X-Wing

All the best


Brilliant advice! Will pick some up as I've been having problems with getting a nice smooth coat of paint on the larger flat areas.

Your build is coming together really well :D

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I thought this set did not have seated pilots? Did you modify them? Either way thanks, I will try it soon :)


It has 3, the 2 I used were as they came off the sprues, its a good set

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