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In the absence of any of the hosts, it falls to me to announce the results of the poll


1st with 11 votes is.. er my (Mish's) 1:32 Dauntless

2nd with 6 votes is oldhouse's Ki 84 Hayate

3rd with 5 votes is rowmk9's Kawasaki Ki61-I Hei HEIN (Tony)

Ships and Armour

1st with a whopping 40 votes AndyP's HMS King George V

2nd with 5 votes Smuts' M4 Sherman

3rd with 4 votes Shar2's I-19 IJN Submarine

Well done to the winners and to everyone else that took part. Cracking builds by all. This GB has peeked an intrest in me in USN early aircraft. Maybe another GB in a couple of years?

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Seperate from the results I would like to than Jason and Magnus for hosting the GB and I would like to thank the members that voted for my Dauntless. A step up in scal and detailing for me.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mike Mcellaney for his help, encouragment, supply of a spare front canopy and the decals.

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oh wow third place again! Thanks for all the votes but I must say Mish's Dauntless is beautiful and a worthy winner. That said, I wouldn't want to be in that Dauntless with a Ki-84 and Ki-61 on its tail.... ;)

thanks to the hosts and mods for running the group build, it was most enjoyable.

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