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Avro Shackleton WR963

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Wow... you've got to take your hat off to these chaps.

Cannot wait until she feels the air beneath her wings again!

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WL747 and WL757 aren't going anywhere. Their owner seemingly doesn't want to do anything with them, including sell them, despite us keep asking.

WR963 did indeed taxy today... I was fortunate enough to be on the Engineer's panel! There's still some work to do as she blew a brake sac on The starboard side, which means we have to remove the wheel and rebuild the brakes. But hey, thats the first movement by a Shackleton under its own power in the UK since 2008.

Onwards and upwards. We'll keep going!

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Hi all,

Work is still ongoing and there's been a lot of propeller work over the winter which I'll post up in gruesome detail shortly!

However, in the meantine I'll leave this link here for our Kickstarter project. We're fundraising for the structural inspections required on WR963; and have put together some interesting rewards - including the unique chance to experience a taxy run in the aircraft from the vantage point of the co-pilots seat!


Kind regards,


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Hi all.

Just a quick drop in by me to remind you all about the 9th July approaching, whch marks 25 years since WR963 touched down at Coventry and entered preservation. She's come a long way, and a short distance in that time. Usually you can find her providing shade for visitors and occasionally killing the grass in patches when the Griffons are run up just across from Hangar 7, Coventry.


Then occasionally she takes a stroll. Its only been once or twice a year so far, but the bar is being pushed. The 9th July will see another taxy run, and there'll be more this coming year once this event is past. The intent is to try an bring her serviceability up to be capable and reliable enough to taxy once a month, something the team is pushing hard to achieve. I got lucky last year - I was Engineer for the taxy run in the Vulcan day. ONce everything was behaving I took a chance and got these two shots from the window, but the memory will last forever. A couple of chaps on the recent taxy run in April got even better footage... a chance that others can take advantage of too incoming months!



One thing that struck me when I visited recently was that although I've removed myself from duties with SPT; I still want to see WR963 fly and I still believe it can happen. I want to see this taxy past, become a turn onto a runway and off into the blue yonder. Hear the Griffon growl and watch '963 become a distant speck in the distance.


SPT have got a hell of a long way, and managed to secure funding for the NDT work, then when everything seemed to be a done deal they then had a new problem in having to find the money to rent hangar space after our long time friends at Air Atlantique decided to start ceasing activities. So far without resorting to endless chain e-mails or campaigns, they've already got over half way. Please support the SPT, as visitors are still welcome as ever. Go and watch a ground run up, or visit. Book a taxy ride when the spaces become available. Or, if you have a spare minute online and fancy donating to help go here: http://www.avroshackleton.co.uk/fundraising.html

A Shackleton will fly again, and your help would make it happen that bit faster.



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