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Last minute Dak - Touchdown!


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Typically me....pressure of all things means I havent been able to do what I wanted but....

I have a week to build this -

American Airlines DC3



Minicraft's kits are not perfect, but most don't have too many parts so the basic build can be done very quickly....




fixing the problems might take a bit longer....

gaps filled, the fit isnt as good as it should be, and the kit does have some minor shape issues so I'll be dealing with those this weekend and hopefully (!) I'll be able to do the painting, detailing and marking out before next weekend....

famous last words.....


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well.....any minicraft kit *should* be quick; they dont have many parts, but.....it's a minicraft kit. So it has issues...

In the case of the DC3, there arent too many, but there are some.

One step at a time....yes it's going in the AA scheme, and as it should be highly polished (as they were ;) ), I'm not going to paint it silver.

Silver paint looks like what it is - silver paint.

I'm not convicne3d about alclad, tho' it does have it's supporters, and more power to them.

I'm using foil......

so first....fill the gaps where the parts dont fit too well....


and the door, which is on the wrong side for AA....this is, after all, a minicraft kit....


the engine nacelles do fitr reasonably well, fortunately....


then sand it, prime it and smooth it all out with micromesh....

and start putting foil on....


there are some who say put the main part of foil on first and leave the tricky bits until last, but I prefer to deal with the little hard to get at parts first.



I'll be doing more over the next few days and hopefully, if I dont hit any serious problems, I'll be able to decal it and detail it by Friday, finish it on Saturday.

one good thing about foil - I dont have to wait for paint to dry....


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Looks good, I have never tried using foil before, I am a bit apprehensive using it, but as I will never use Alclad as it stinks to much and I prefer to be on friendly terms with SWMBO, how easy is this stuff to apply

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Hopefully Mish, hopefully....

I used foil on my Ghana DC10 from a while back and also on an AA 727-100 from even further back so it's not that hard to use.

Yes it can be a bit fiddly and it would help with this model if the parts fitted better so I could apply it to the engine nacelles before attaching them.

But they dont so I couldnt.

What I might do is write a post about using foil, and maybe others who have used to could add to it, then maybe it could be pinned in the how-to forum

hows that sound?

meantime...more done....




I'll finish off the nose and rear fuselage and tail later, then the engines and wings, with a bit of luck, I can decal, detail and finish it Thursday and Friday.


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ok then....nearly there - fuselage all done, I'll start decalling next, and leave the wings until last....

have to hold it somewhere :)





more later !

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altho' it is possible to have a less than polished look to American's aircraft, they werent always like mirrors.

Just most of the time.....

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ok...I might even get this finished by the weekend :)

(this is probably one of the fastest builds I've ever done.....)





more in a bit.....

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It was rather nice - tho' I still have to apply the bits that go around the engine nacelles.........

edit -

and the "flagship" titles above the windows as well.....and fin markings......and do the wings....

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when they work......:).....so far so good, all thats left to do tonight are the wings and aerials, plus one or two minor details and it's done.....

so.....last night's efforts -



here's hoping I dont trip over something as I touch down.....

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