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1/48 - Raytheon King Air B200 (RAF) resin kit by Red Bear Resins - released


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A bit pricy but rather interesting isn't it?

Source: http://www.coopersmo...968/9066083.htm



Red Bear Resins

1/48 Raytheon King Air RAF B200

Price: $110.00

Availability: PRE-ORDER

Prod. Code: RBR 48001

The Beech King Air B200, the newest training aircraft in the RAF inventory, is a twin-engine turboprop monoplane, which first entered RAF service in 2004. It is used as an advanced, multi-engine pilot trainer by No 45® Squadron, which is part of No 3 Flying Training School based at RAF Cranwell, in Lincolnshire. Prior to flying the King Air, students who have been streamed to fly multi-engine aircraft at the end of elementary flying training undertake survival training and personal development training to prepare them for the rigours of operational service. They then join No 45® Squadron, and receive an additional 30 hours training on the multi-engine lead-in (MELIN) course, flying Firefly 260 aircraft. During the MELIN course, students are taught crew co-operation and procedural flying skills to prepare them for their advanced flying training on the King Air]







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