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Spanish Civil War - Fascinating!


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sounds excellent Stebos

will you be doing the 1/35 Storch with some armour?

For those interested in the ICM He 70 there was a thread with the shots from the Nurembourg Toy Rally


I have also found an article in MAM from a while back about the SB2 with a review build of the ICM 1/72 SCW kit if anyone is interested

i know it will be handy for me at some point thanks to a very kind Blimp :lol::thumbsup:

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I'd love to be in on this one - great period in history and a testing ground for some famous types...

My Rata is already done - but I have a JU-52 I kinda just started and then stalled that I'd like to include in the GB - trouble is - I doubt I'd get it finished in the allotted time, but I'm game to crack on and post some in progress piccies if you'll have me...

Kit is the Modellbau Schmitt 1:32 vac...


32SIG http://www.skywriters.net

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Hi Iain

that would be excellent :yahoo:

will have to confer with Peebeep depending on how much has been done but from what i have seen on other GB's there is room for leeway if the kit has only just been started

what stage have you got the Ju 52 to?

don't worry if you don't make the deadline no worries- we just won't let you play ever again! :lol:

the Mosca build is really cool in case any one missed it (edit: like i just missed Iain's linky)


I'm still thinking i will go with a monospar and Vultee V-1A

and realised i need to start finding some references! :frantic:

i know nothing about these types. which is even less than wot i am normally clued up

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This is as far as I got - bit of a problem with some resin - still an awfully long way to go.

Would be nice to tag along - if too far started I'll dig something else 1:32 out...


















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you're doing great Iain , keep it up . some bulkheads and a decent spar for the wings might help though ! - which version are you going for ? :worthy: it'll be a real show stopper .

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Thanks for the comments guys...

Always planned to do a Spanish Civil War bomber.

Yup - all interior bulkheads (which is why I've cut the fuselage roof off - to be re-fitted after the interior) and heavy duty spars that will sit on that flat resin internal keel.

If too far for this GB - I *may* dig out the SM-79 and make a start on that - but again - the chances of me finishing.... :banghead:

Fuselage plastic pretty thin because of the deep draw - so wanted to get basic shape established on a resin keel before going any further. On first attempt the resin was 'off' and didn't cure - also started melting the plastic. Managed to rescue her by chipping out as much of the gunk as possible and pouring fresh resin with the fuselage level - so resin found it's own level.

Seems to have worked.

I'd class the build to date as 'prep' really ;)


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bomber eh ? - that's handy , less glazing ! :rofl:

Yeah - that makes the project so much easier! :bangin:

Actually - adds complication as I'll need to make the gunners 'dustbin' and bomb racks etc... :poo:


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hi , Iain . the double DSAC 250/VIII magazines can't really be seen , but the internal bits of the dustbin turret - FL219b main bombsight , auxillary bombsight (unknown) along with the MG mount and the bombaimers control column may still be visible(ish) through the turrets front glazing . i might just put some 'dust covers' in mine . . . :P can our esteemed formites help here ? there might be some odd book/article somewhere . . . i'm not up to speed on these newfangled luftwaffe thingys . metal aeroplanes indeed !!! whatever next .

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I need to dig out the box of bitz - I think there are a few good refs in there - but I do recall scratching my head a little on the dustbin...

Any 'Tante Ju' experts out there? :please:

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- just a reminder for anyone thinking of joining this GB , there are free kits if you want some , see page 4 post # 66 . - you'll need to be quick , the build kicks off in a few weeks time ! :frantic: good luck everybody .

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just over a couple of weeks to go!

am very excited oh boy oh boy oh boy!

but was hoping to get a couple of builds finished but not looking likely now- never mind

saw a build on ARC of the Azur 1/72 Republican Vultee V1-A and it looks a dream! not found much reference for it but am looking forward to the project

thanks Blimp :thumbsup:

hope i can do it justice!

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Two weeks and counting chaps

I'm a bit confused Blimp, PeeBeeps sig shows the build going on 'til 31st July - is that right? Good if it is as I'll struggle to finsih two builds for the D-Daya GB finishing 6th June

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calm down timmy lad , that's FOUR whole months . even i , with my tectonic build rate should produce something :sleeping: that's 61 days each for me - easy . hrmmp . - and i am getting bombs on the brain . they are such a feature in so many airfield shots . . . .bombs , bombs , more bombs , all over the place . . . piles and piles of 'em . . . agggh !

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here's the gb's kit donation update as of - 8th july '09 - for any that would like some of this pile heres a list . . .

THEY ARE ALL 1/72 AND FREE TO ANYONE THAT WOULD JOIN IN , i'll pay the postage . are you sitting comfortably ? :popcorn:

cr 32 museum resin* .


hs 126 italeri , rareplaves vacform .

he51 icm*.

hs 123 airfix* .

I-15 chato aviation usk* , azur* , pavla*.

ju f-13 revell.

he 59 special hobby* .

breda 65 azur*.

polikarpov rz azur* .

he 70 revell *, wk .

he 112 dekno resin ( the 'can opener!' - i can't remember where i hid the decals ), encore (ex-heller)* ,rareplane vacform.

storch academy .

fi 157(?) pavla .

bf 109D aml*, sword* .

hawker fury amodel*.

ro.37 azur*.

bulldog airfix .

ca-100 legato resin.

he 45 aml* .

letov s231 kp*.

he 60 azur*.

hs 123 airfix , avis*.

ar 66 czechmaster resin.

ff-1 / g-23 goblin mpm*.

g-50 mpm -scw version!*.

r.w.d.-13 dekno resin*.

aero a-100 kp (convert to 101 ?).

martinsyde buzzard czechmaster resin.

ju 34 special hobby .

klemm 35 huma .

those marked * come with scw markings . if anyone wants specific stuff for 109's , pm me . i still have some of the blue rider sheet BR221 - cheers , blimp . :guitar:

-; p.s. any creepy crawlies are free , tasty and nutritious , just ask my cat .
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thank you libor for the copy of the He 111 instruction sheet :D - the origonal set has turned up again , it was hiding in my He111 monograph book . now i can build it twice :rofl:

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