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RAF Jaguar 54° Squadron "The Artic Cat"

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Hello my friends,

thank you very much for all your compliments!

This evening I repositioned the front undercarriage "geometry", that was wrong.

Thanks to an ARC's fellow that notice the error, I manage to fix it.

Here the result, look much better than before.



I'll try to take some other pictures, better than these, in the next weekend.



P.S.: Actually I'm try to finish an F-16C block 40, USAF "Flying Tigers". CIAO!

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Flippin 'eck, thats just calling for a wee pilot to jump in and take it for a blast!!! Lost for words, simply the best single seat Jag I've seen yet (Neil's T.2/4 takes the two seat prize!).

I've always enjoyed looking at your work Piero, and you can look at them for a loooonnng time, beautiful sir, beautiful!!


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