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1/48 F-16I Sufa - the hard way!

Alan P

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Nice kit (Hasegawa, first one I've made and most impressed), IsraCast conversion a bit woolly and indistinct but nice PE, decals were excellent. To see the fun build thread, click HERE


Weapons from Hasegawa Weapons set and the Python AAMs were from Paragon.










Used Xtracolour and WEM enamels. The Xtracolour Sky/Green was a bit indistinct so probably should've given it another coat, but to be honest I couldn't wait another week or so for the Xtracolour to dry! Weathered with Flory wash and finished with Testor's Dullcote. No other weathering as in all the photos of these planes they look neat as a pin. Clearly, a lot of pride and a budget to match in the IAF!


Decided to build it in flight as these machines look about as mean as fighter jets get! Tried to do it justice, but there's a lot I could've done better if I'd taken a bit more time.


Thanks for looking, Al

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That's another beauty Al :thumbsup:

If I'm honest, I prefer the clean lines of the Viper without the CFTs and enlarged spine. However, in this config, it certainly looks a mean beasty, especially when armed to the teeth....i might be coming round :lol:


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Thanks very much.

3 hours ago, exdraken said:

I have a cmk one waiting.... easier? I wonder ;)

I don't know, but please show us when you do it!



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