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Masking fluid


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I often use Humbrol Maskol which is easy to apply (I use cocktail sticks) and comes off quite easily without pulling up the paintwork.

I find it is best used in conjunction with Tamiya masking tape - the Maskol comes in very useful for sealing joins and layers if the masking tape, and sealing up edges of curved surfaces where the tape folds. I also use it for complicated sticky-outy bits that masking tape can't cover, like sensor bulges, aerials, bits of wire sticking out of masked wheelwells and stuff like that.

I use Humbrol cos that's all I've ever used - apparently Gunze Mr Masking Sol is better, but i've never used it.

EDIT: a quick word of warning - Maskol has ammonia in it, so it will inconveniently dissolve any Klear polish you may apply over canopies, existing paintwork and the like!

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I used to use Humbrol Maskol, but find it hard to come by, so tried my local art shop and they reccomended Daler-Rowney Art Making Fliud.

It works just like Maskol, but is harder to see being cream in colour. Again it has ammonia in it, so will remove any canopy you mask that has been dipped i Klear/Future. I think it works out cheaper too, £5 for a 75 ml bottle, which will last ages.

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If you can find a supplier of carpet fitter's materials, they (usually) sell liquid latex, which is the same as Copydex, but, without a brand name, is cheaper still. It's usually sold in large quantities, but, if you have to buy 5 litres, decant it, and get your money back by flogging it to fellow modellers.


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Sorry to bump an old thread but I had a Maskol query of my own.

I need to use some to mask airliner windows but the warning on the bottle to not leave it on longer than 3 days gave me some pause.

It's very unlikely I can get things to a painting level in that 3 day window, how strict is that warning? Do I risk damage if left for a week? longer?

I can try it on a test strip but thought someone might already know.


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