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Vallejo Plastic Putty

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Well, I use to use Vallejo putty, and I don't know why they've told you it's as good as Squadron green putty....

Fisrt things first: Vallejo putty has an acrylic base quite similar to marble powder. You can apply it with its own fine cannula, and then run a wet finger or cotton bud all along putty to somehow obtain a very smooth finish. You shall repeat that operation as many times as neccesary, leaving the putty to dry between each application.

Second thing now: Don't ever try to sand it after it's completely cured, or you'll ruin your work.

I've found (to my surprise and letdown) that only works fine on small seams, keeping you from further sanding on tight places such as tail planes. For larger seam, I use Molak Stucco or Humbrol filler....and even cyanocrilate glue.

Best regards and good luck...!!!

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Yep, I'll agree with Artie. I've found the best results with Vallejo putty are gained by putting the cap back on it and placing the tube in the furthest reaches of my tool area where hopefully it will never see the light of day again! It will not stay in any seam if you try to sand, because it does not bond to the plastic it lifts out at the slightest pressure caused by sanding.

Back to using Mr Surfacer dissolved putty, milliput, Dissolved sprue in plastic cement and cyanacrlyate!

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I recently popped to SBX models in Ipswich. Picked up some Squadron Green Putty. David there said to give the Vallejo putty a go as its better. Im going to give it a go tonight. Anyone used it before, or have any application techniques for it?.

If its the Vallejo putty in the little bottle the same as their paint, then yes, I've used it. Once. After that it went solid in the neck of the bottle & however much 'persuasion' I tried, I couldn't get the top off the bottle to 'free' the rest of the putty!

But that once was enough to make me feel the same way as Artie & Greg about using it on the models I build (aircraft,armour,cars), but as Vallejo are (were?) heavily into figure modelling, maybe it works better on those if they don't need as much sanding, & have lots of awkward to reach parts?? Me, I much prefer greenstuff & it remains my filler of choice!


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TAMIYA PUTTY- "BASIC TYPE" will answer all your problems.

Vallejo putty can be used for very minor hairline imperfections in things like engine nacelle joins- otherwise Greg (for once) is about right

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Threw my Vallejo putty in the bin, after it dried I cracked on with sanding it and it peeled off in flakes :banghead:

Very disappointed with the results as the paints are very good, I now stick with Milliput for most jobs or for really small areas

I use Squadron Green.


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Yep, thats the one. It also comes in a bottle like their paints and is just the same stuff in that as well.

Honestly, you might need to have a selection of different types for different jobs. I'm finding I'm using dissolved sprue in liquid cement quite a lot on major seams, mr dissolved putty on things like wing roots as it can be run into the gap with capilliary action and wiped off to remove most of the extra and Superglue when it requires a more aggressive and stronger filler such as large gaps or remodelling.

Im not sure if I mentioned it was the Vallejo Plastic Putty in the squeezy tube. Apparently its quite new.
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A blast from the past but just as well I found this as I was about to buy the Vallejo putty after seeing it used in an on-line build but thankfully I will now avoid this pitfall.


However I've also come across another putty/filler on Amazon which sounds excellent (in theory) but wandered if anyone has used it and can comment on its performance? The product in question is 'Perfect Plastic Putty' from Deluxe Materials.




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PPP is good stuff. Smear it on, and wipe with a damp cotton bud or finger tip. I find it excellent for fine work.

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Interesting to read.


I stumbled across the white Vallejo putty and have used it on small applications several times.


I do find it shrinks a lot and turns powdery and sometimes chunks fall out.


BUT, it is very easy to use because of the applicator, its as easy as applying glue to a gap in a wing root for example.


I find it valuable to fill thin seams followed by a cotton bud swipe to remove the excess and often can get away without any follow up sanding.


Is there a better quality putty that comes with a similar applicator? Or can we thin Tamiya putty and use in a syringe?


Cheers and thanks in advance.



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