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Hey guys here is my Y-Wing a great little kit and really builds up nicely, only one or two gap issues but nothing major, the scratches and marks are from the kit supplied decals and the only addition was phils wash with some citadel wash to highlight areas as well as a spray of black over the scratches to represent lazer burn marks. :)






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Blimey thats good !

Is it me or there loads of studio quality Sci-Fi builds on this forum ? Amazing, these guys must drink Carling Black Label :o

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Cheers Chaps these finemolds kits are great if you want to have a quick no mess no fuss build that virtually builds itself then you have to get one of these bad boys they are that good :)

Skii these Finemolds kits have got some amazing detail out of the box all you need is a wash and airbrush or use pastels to simulate battle damage and they look a million dollars.

Bob I've got the falcon and am a little scared to say the least, that if I build it now I won't do it justice so I'll wait a while to build up my airbrushing and detailing experince, Obi-Jiff posted a link to a blog for a FM Falcon build Link this guys is super detailing the falcon a kit with somewhere near 900 peices, this build has to be seen to be believed :speak_cool:

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