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some cold war cartoon

Johnny Red

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Hi fellow modelers :) , I just fancied a laugh at some old 80's cartoons, and then I thought of my fellow oldies out there who might remember them to, sorry if they are in the wrong place






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Laugh? I nearly bought me own beer!!!!!!

Bloody marvelous, thanks


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[They are part of a Royal Marine one off publication from the Falklands War, these ones were left out. The writers fee and part of the publishers profits went to the South Atlantic Fund.

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They were originally published in a book called 'Up the Falklands' IIRC. The cartoonists were all Royal Marines who were part of their model making and cartography section believe it or not!

How do I know this, well one of them 'Spider' Webb was a friend of my old mans and I can remember meeting him a couple of times before the conflict as a nipper.

The sales of the books (there was a sequel) went to the charity fund for the conflict.

As for me, I was most dischuffed, for my 10th birthday I was supposed to spend a week at RM Poole with my old man, bloody Argentinians put paid to that one! Gits! :shithappens:

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There were two volumes, and I have both! Dunno which member of the Manning family Billy is/was, Charlie has the Felixstowe branch.

Ah yes, you're right sir, it was indeed Charlie Manning. I've been in exile out West too long! ;)

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